Semi annual report of the general decline in the collective performance of the bus company seek chan running man 20130908

The passenger’s semi annual performance generally declined to seek collective change sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to help guide the stock masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan Securities Times reporter Tang Qiang in recent years, with the rapid development of China’s railways, especially the high-speed rail network has gradually improved, the highway traffic diversion along the high-speed rail and ends obviously. Now, the new mode of transport plus drops, UBER, Shenzhou car network about cars, and quickly occupied, a trend which cannot be halted with traditional transportation market differentiation. Under this background, once the money sit the traditional highway passenger transport business has impact, A shares of Listed Companies in 2016 semi annual results will be released, but the performance data has been announced, Jiangxi long transport (600561), Longzhou shares (002682), Shanghai Automobile Group (603069) and other local princes the general decline in net profit, it is difficult to produce a "qualified" report. The dilemma facing the industry, securities times, lotus Finance (ID:lianhuacaijing) reporter noted that traditional highway passenger carriers have launched rescue plan, the majority of enterprises to enrich the industry, deep industry survival, but also change the mode, the net about car challenger. The traditional passenger net general decline in fact, highway transportation is not only by the railway transport of passenger flow, the fierce competition is more constrained by weak economic growth as well as residents of private cars increased the proportion of the present situation. Today, due to the decline in demand for road passenger transport, the main indicators of growth for the first time negative, hit a new low in recent years. Statistics show that in 2015 China’s road transport passenger traffic totaled 16 billion 190 million passengers, a total reduction of 6.7% year on year; to achieve 1 trillion and 74 billion 270 million km total passenger turnover, down 2.3%; in addition, the proportion of the highway system in comprehensive transportation services continued to decline, 2015 passenger traffic accounted for the proportion of total highway passenger transport decreased 3 compared to 2014 percentage points. Under this background, Felicity transport industry (002357), Jiangxi long transport, Longzhou shares A shares of listed companies significantly affected its business performance generally declined. Jiangxi long run, for example, the company’s main business for road passenger transport, road freight and tourism business, in 2015 its road passenger transport business revenue of 1 billion 600 million yuan, accounting for the main business revenue of $73%. Daily economic news reporter noted that Jiangxi Long Yun is now 11 prefecture level cities in Jiangxi with a total of 8 prefecture level city station resources and class line resources, and has a prefecture level city bus station and bus lines operating in 5. As of the end of 2015, Jiangxi, a total of 77 passenger transport station operations, with an established vehicle of the company, operating class line of 2161. But in recent years, due to influence of Putian railway, Shanghai Kunming high-speed railway, Beijing Fuzhou high-speed railway, Jiangxi long transport road passenger transport line source loss, a larger proportion of revenue decline. According to 2015 earnings report, Jiangxi long operating income of 2 billion 456 million yuan, representing a decrease of more than last year, net profit of only non deduction of the theory of 243相关的主题文章: