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Sarkozy on the Henzhao built anti-terrorism detention center – Sohu news September 8th, former French President Sarkozy delivered a speech at a political rally. French media, 11, published an interview with former president Nicola, Sarkozy. About the grim security situation, the French faced Sarkozy said, if he will win again in next year’s presidential election, crackdown on terrorism related personnel, including the establishment of a special anti-terrorism court and detention center. In order to prevent terrorist attacks preemptive Sarkozy told French "Sunday" interview, for the French anti terrorist spending "henzhao". According to him, the security department should adopt the "pre emptive" strategy, as long as the French citizens showed signs of extremism or suspected of being associated with a terrorist organization, should be sent to the special anti-terrorism detention center, which is a kind of preventive measures. Sarkozy interview, the French security nerves taut again. Francois French prosecutors in Paris? 9, Maureen said at a news conference, police arrested 8 by an extremist organization Islamic state terrorist group commanding woman. Maureen said, this terrorist group 4 had attempted to attack the famous scenic spots in Notre Dame de Paris, but the plot was foiled in the police. After the arrest of the suspects confessed that they also plan to attack the Notre Dame de Paris after a number of attacks in Paris station. He attacked the French attempt to subvert the existing social mode of Sarkozy’s counter-terrorism strategy and President Francois Hollande be quite different?. Against the opponent pre emptive argument, Hollande expressed opposition. Hollande worried that this tough approach means that the existing social model of France will be completely subverted. Sarkozy proposed the establishment of anti-terrorism in the detention center at the same time, the Justice Minister Jean Jacques urvoas Fandiao singing? "". A French newspaper 10 journal article said, urvoas next week proposed "prison layoffs" situation to deal with France’s prison overcrowding. Sarkozy announced in August this year, after the presidential election, the French security situation and economic policy frequently audible. He has a strong attitude towards religious extremism and immigration, and the support rate has increased. The latest poll released by the French public opinion research results show that in next year’s presidential election, the French people’s "trust ranking list" is currently ranked first in the former Prime Minister Alan? Juppe, is ranked second in Sarkozy, third is the current Prime Minister Manmohan Manuel Waals and Hollande?, only ranked eighth. According to Xinhua News Agency相关的主题文章: