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Responsible for the new office: human rights action plan highlights the problem – China News Agency, Beijing, September – 29, the national human rights action plan (2016 – 2020), released in Beijing on 29. China’s State Council Information Office official said that the current action plan summed up the first two implementation experience, highlighting the problem oriented response to social concerns. It is reported that the action plan will be precise poverty alleviation, property rights, household registration system reform and other issues of social concern into the action plan. For example, the "property rights" specifically proposed to improve attribution is clear responsibilities, strict protection and smooth circulation of the modern property rights system, which involves promoting the codification of the civil code, land management law and other laws and regulations of the legislative work, land registration certification is indeed the right to the contracted management of rural land, rural homestead, rural housing, collective construction. The definition of ownership of enterprise property rights, the implementation of unified registration of immovable property system, the construction of natural resources property rights system and the implementation of strict intellectual property protection system etc.. In addition, the action plan docking "13th Five-Year" plan, the implementation of periodic synchronization. The right key livelihood measures in the planning of the same specific areas, specific area, specific groups of the combination, improve the people’s economic, social and cultural rights protection level; will be the trend of social development and human rights and other human rights issues emerging network combination, strengthen the protection of civil rights and political rights; the specific target and the human rights protection planning in combination, increasing the application of constraint index. Action plan also highlights equal protection, sharing the fruits of development. Enjoy the actual efforts to narrow the differences in rights, pay special attention to the rural areas and outlying and poverty-stricken areas to promote the equalization of public services, highlighting the elimination of gender discrimination, emphasize the protection of specific groups of disadvantaged rights. In the basic standard of living to protect the right to implement the strategy of precise poverty, promote the development of shared results. The responsible person stressed that the "national human rights action plan (20162020 years)" the need to implement multi-party cooperation. To improve the joint meeting mechanism for the national human rights action plan, strengthen the supervision and evaluation of the implementation of the action plan; but also the innovation of social governance mechanism, play the role of social organizations in the implementation of the action plan of construction. (end)相关的主题文章: