Ren Zhengbin intentions to play people and Zu Feng play the perfect ending-clonecd

Ren Zhengbin intentions to play "people" and Zu Feng drama together the perfect ending Ren Zhengbin stills Tencent entertainment news recently, by Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen, Ren Zhengbin starred in the drama the perfect ending, actor Ren Zhengbin’s excellent acting and the depth of the characters won praise from the audience. It is reported that when Zheng Bin spoke about the role of Liu Fu, said: as an actor, I need to conduct a comprehensive three-dimensional analysis and interpretation of the role. The role of Liu Fu’s political stance is the villain, so he in all the words and deeds are in order to maintain their own beliefs, and I think the audience is more like Liu Fuhuai, more able to explain his firm to his faith. Liu Fu in the play and five aunts too much of that feeling is really really love the two people, even if this life, Liu Fuye did not flinch. So I think put aside Liu Fu’s position is not to say that his attitude towards faith, friendship, love should be commendable. A successful role is not only a good and bad points, not because of the role of villain is heartless, no one. Instead, every character is real, true to life of people, a real ‘person’!, I am also very grateful to the role of support and love my heart to the creation and interpretation." As a love of his acting career of the old play bone, Ren Zhengbin still do not forget the heart of the early commitment to shape their own interpretation of each role, the audience’s love and support has been the best return for him.相关的主题文章: