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Reading, let the children feel good — to commemorate Cao Wenxuan read "my son – Sohu of maternal and child reading, let the children feel good — to commemorate Cao Wenxuan read" my son "series: the pickup the last page of A Fang on" the land of God ", Cao Wenxuan’s" my son "is a series of pickup finished. Small Z and reading; from early June to early September, which lasted three months. A full set of ten volumes, about eight, nine hundred thousand words; a small sense of accomplishment! That day, a small Z from school to get a questionnaire, cooperative learning questionnaire, requiring children to answer questions in accordance with their current situation or tick options. Among them, in answer to a question, small Z thought of "my son pickup" fragments. The question is, "I can understand and respect the students who are different from me." The four options are: "A, never do"; "B, sometimes do;" "C, often do;" "D, do it every time." Read the question answer, Z first said: "I can understand and respect me and I do not like this, like the pickup of students’ grass ring like ~" little Z can make that Lenovo, or surprised me. I think the children just love inside story, love, fun to play, close to their life situations; I did not expect the child can also put on story understanding rise to rise to the height of morality, goodness. "I know and respect the people who are not the same as me," I don’t think about the story of pickup and grass. Pickup is a superior living child; born in Beijing, father is a writer, my mother is the editor, no shortage of food and clothing, and even the rich. The pickup grew up in love, the love of a father and mother, brother also Dippet, and life in the countryside grandfather and grandmother, aunt, aunt, four, regardless of the sangu. He had been living in his home for four or five years, and was familiar with the people there. Later, he grew up and went back to Beijing to go to kindergarten and primary school. The pickup in life, one day to a little girl, she called the grass ring; when they are in kindergarten age. Grass ring is different, grass ring no beautiful clothes, no expensive toys, she can not afford to kindergarten. Her mom and dad are selling tea, daily toil and forth, scrape. By chance, the principal of the kindergarten pickup and help find grass ring into the nursery school. Since then, the grass ring was a member of the different environment, dress, dress, behavior, speech, and even the ways of thinking are not the same. She was rejected by her classmates and even hostile. Pickup at this time, the grass ring as the grandfather, grandmother and aunt were in the countryside; hostile grass ring is hostile to grandfather, grandmother and aunt were in the countryside. Pick up a number of times to come forward to save and maintain the grass ring, he and grass ring stood on a front. Life has a fit, but also a. Later forced by life, the grass left kindergarten. She picked up the cans, sold flowers, grass intersects with the ring of life pickup are accidental. Pickup in their own way to sympathize with, help grass ring. This is)相关的主题文章: