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Reading | College of Arts and Sciences in foreign non "College" attention to elite education – General Education Sohu editor: with the upsurge of studying bujianfanzeng, as well as the prosperity of the network information era, the United States has been a hot spot for studying no longer like five or six years ago that a distant and mysterious. More and more prospective students through the network before the foot of the United States, to describe a preliminary study of their own life. However, the vastness of the Pacific is still fragmented to a certain extent, the information exchange, leading to quasi foreign students in receiving information on the unequal. But the network which is a "double-edged sword" in the transmission of information, occasionally absquatulate, sends a bit error information for domestic students. We listen to the other side of the ocean with a quasi most real purpose to study voice students "studying abroad, the Sohu launched the" sound "study abroad" series: Nowadays the hottest topic of study, studying the truth behind you with yuanduzhongyang touch topics. Topic: College of Arts and non "College" attention to general education China overseas market has experienced ten years Fengshuang baptism, a paper ticket arrived in the ocean to accept higher education in the United States has been a lot of families into education blueprint. With the China market study younger China and accelerated the process of internationalization, has become the mainstream of American undergraduate studying in the United states. The undergraduate is subdivided into comprehensive university and the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences in recent years, has broken the silence in the international market situation, overseas options began to appear in more and more students in the. However, even in the College of Arts and sciences students emerge in the market at present, there are still many parents misunderstanding and prejudice for the College of Arts and sciences. "College" name tag to many Chinese families will mix College of Arts and Sciences with the domestic institutions, there are many parents mistakenly apply for College of Arts and sciences more easily, which will be used as alternative Project Comprehensive University College of Arts and Sciences after rejection. The status of liberal arts colleges in the United States in Higher Education in the end? According to the "wealth" of the data provided by the CEO, the United States has more than 8% graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences, the remaining 92% graduated from university. Although this figure is the difference is hard to see the status of liberal arts colleges in the elite education, but with only 3% of the proportion of graduates each year compared, it is not difficult to see that liberal arts colleges cultivate social ratio top talent is still very large. So, in order to "small scale" for the College of Arts and Sciences, pursued the concept of elite education in the end? For China students, College of Arts and Sciences and applications need to pay attention to what? Sohu to go abroad, study abroad, according to three guests interview exclusive original manuscript! Please indicate the source and author,! MS Chen Hua Yu Boyang written Sohu abroad [foreign] Mika general manager Mr. Zhang Chao [cherpitski International Studio founder Ms. Mao Yanfei] [United States Ruiteng] director of College of Arts and Sciences Education Market Overview: trend gradually into the U.S. mainstream application based on our experience, we have experienced a relatively complete bachelor degree from the United States gradually rise, to apply for surge, finally.相关的主题文章: