Raw milk prices are now signs of stabilization by the mid autumn National Day stocking and other fac ssport

The original milk prices are now signs of stabilization affected by factors such as the mid autumn National Day Holiday Stocking stocking international milk prices rebound effect of raw milk prices are now signs of stabilization. The newspaper intern reporter Chang Jiarui from the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day stocking and other factors, raw milk supply and demand in the short term is improved, and the international dairy prices bottomed out, the domestic milk prices gradually stabilized. Industry experts said that from a long-term trend, the domestic price of milk to achieve a real rebound is still not optimistic, the performance of the dairy downstream differentiation will further exacerbate. Milk prices are now signs of stabilization with the Mid Autumn Festival and the arrival of National Day, affected by stocking downstream factors, raw milk market in the short term to improve the relationship between supply and demand, the price of raw milk had once fell down endlessly gradually stabilized. A dairy farm in Hebei province Chinese boss told the Securities Journal reporter, recently changed to lower milk prices down the amount of the acquisition of attitude, adequate acquisition of raw milk prices began, also began to stabilize, or even signs of short-term rebound. The decline in raw milk production to stabilize the price of milk laid the foundation. Since 2015, with the continuous decline in the price of raw milk, dairy farming losses continue to increase, the elimination of cows showing a trend of acceleration. In Xingtang County County in North China’s largest professional dairy farm as an example, due to the ongoing encounter "sell milk difficult", this year 4, May, many farmers began to sell cattle and cattle, resulting in the county’s dairy herds plunged by 13. International milk prices also played a driving role in the stabilization of the domestic milk prices. Since 2013, the linkage effect of domestic milk prices and international milk prices gradually strengthened, domestic raw milk prices nearly two years of continuous decline, largely international cheap milk powder and liquid milk imports continue to increase the impact caused by the. Global dairy trade platform data show that in September 6th the end of the latest dairy auction, the dairy price index (GDT) rose 7.7%. This is the index since August this year, the third substantial growth. New Zealand is about to enter the October and the season of milk production in November, when GDT continued to rise or herald a rebound in the international milk prices bottoming point. This will stabilize the domestic milk prices will play a powerful role in promoting. Upstream and downstream differentiation intensified international milk prices rebound is expected to drive the domestic milk prices stabilized, but it will usher in a rebound in domestic milk prices, many experts skeptical. Dairy expert Song Liang in an interview with China Securities Journal reporter, said, cautious optimism. Domestic milk prices too much more than the international milk prices, even if the international milk prices rebound, domestic milk prices in the short term is difficult to have a competitive advantage." Societe Generale Securities believes that the international price of milk after the inflection point is confirmed, is expected to conduction to the domestic needs of 2-3 quarter of the time, the price of raw milk is still expected to remain low for a long time. It is understood that after the auction price increases, the current price of raw milk in New Zealand is only about 2 kg, while the current domestic price of raw milk up to $3.5 kg. In this context, the performance of dairy downstream companies will further exacerbate the differentiation. In the first half of this year, the impact of the decline in the price of raw milk, Erie downstream shares to achieve operating income of 29 billion 926 million yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies on the theory of 32相关的主题文章: