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Qinghai million people benefit from agricultural and pastoral areas of drinking water safety project (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Xining, September 13, (Zhang Haiwen) "a few years ago, before and after the Spring Festival in four months, we Haruki basically no water tap water, the other village villagers can only ride a motorcycle or a tractor to three kilometers the ground water, every time is to use a variety of bucket for several days the amount of preparation." The Golden Beach Township of Qinghai province Haiyan County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Gold Beach village Party always complained to reporters that the sea before the difficult problem of drinking water. 13 days, reporters from Haiyan County environmental protection and forestry Water Conservancy Bureau learned that there are more than and 160 families in the golden beach village, the village 30 years of water from a water source from the village a few miles east ditch mizoguchi. But in recent years, with the continuous decline in the water level of water, dried up, the villagers have become a problem with water. To this end, in 2015 August, Haiyan County according to the Tibetan people and livestock drinking water renovation project, investment 1 million 430 thousand yuan, at a distance of 8 kilometers outside the Golden Beach Village East ditch brain mountain two new water sources, and the water pipe rupture disrepair consolidation transformation, as the golden beach village and Village East more than and 340 two villages the village households to provide adequate water. "Now every family and livestock farms have realized the water home, we villagers don’t have to worry about the water problem." Dang Yonghai said. The director of environmental protection and water conservancy in Haiyan County Forestry Bureau Wang Jinzhong introduced as "12th Five-Year" at the end, Haiyan County invested 58 million 35 thousand and 200 yuan, the implementation of agricultural and pastoral areas of drinking water safety engineering 32, water supply to 2050 households, benefiting a population of 22 thousand and 300 people and 360 thousand head of livestock. Wang Jinzhong said, "12th Five-Year" period, the tap water penetration rate reached 95%, the safety of drinking water quality compliance rate reached 85% and the rate reached 100%, basically solved the problem of drinking water safety in Haiyan County in agricultural and pastoral areas. At the same time, the county government will continue to repair and maintenance funds included in the budget, has invested 6 million yuan in two consecutive years, so that people in pastoral areas of drinking water has been better protected. Qinghai Provincial Department of water conservancy planning director Zhang Entao told Beijing reporters, over the past five years, Qinghai province has solved the problem of 1 million 284 thousand and 600 people drinking water safety planning, and according to the climate change, water supply in Tibetan temples scale, nomads to settle, ecological migration, easy to move and other special factors, solve the planning in six, the new 339 thousand people safe drinking water, had solved the problem of drinking water safety for 1 million 623 thousand and 600 people. Water Resources Department of Qinghai province rural pastoral area water conservancy department deputy director Gu Jianwei said that the implementation of the safety of drinking water project in Qinghai, to determine the water according to the quality and quantity of the laying of water supply network of villages and households. But for the population living in scattered, water supply network home difficult area, Qinghai or set of centralized water supply points, or small wells and insulation type soil wells. In addition, the county has also carried out the construction of water quality testing center, delineation of protected areas to protect drinking water sources. (end)相关的主题文章: