Putin expresses his condolences on the death of the king of Thailand demonophobia

Putin Thailand news agency said the death of King Beijing in mourning in Moscow on 13 October, (reporter Wang Xiujun) local time 13 days, the Russian Kremlin news agency news release, the Russian President Putin has died the king of Thailand issued a telegram of condolences to the government and people of Thailand and the royal family and condolences. Putin said in his message that the king of Thailand? Adu de name with the consolidation of Thailand economic development and the international status of the whole era. In the ten years, not only won the love of the people of Thailand, but also enjoy a reputation overseas. Putin said, Bhumibhol Etai to support the development of friendship and cooperation between the two sides, Russia will remember him forever. The same day, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va also said that the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed condolences to the death of the king of Thailand, Bhumibhol. Thailand king Bhumibhol ascended the throne in 1946, is the world’s longest serving monarch. Bhumibhol devoted his life to the development of the cause of the country. He attached importance to agriculture and often visited the countryside. He also used the Royal funds of water conservancy, construction of power plants. Bhumibhol is still in the field since the Regency, the establishment of dairy farms and research center. During the reign of Bhumibhol, has experienced several coups and government changes. Because of his special status, Bhumibhol can always in the state of crisis, the monarch’s charisma and influence to defuse the crisis. In 2006, when he was Secretary of the United Nations, Changan, he was awarded the "human development lifetime achievement award". In recent years, Bhumibhol suffered from disease, most of the time in hospital. Thailand royal palace is in the local time on October 13th evening news release, King Bhumibhol on the same day at 3:52 in the afternoon in Bangkok poetry Lila died in hospital, at the age of 88. (end)相关的主题文章: