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Pu Jinhui traced "bestie" conniving politics to wear what clothes are the original title: bestie tube politics? Park Geun hye bowed to apologize to Cui Shunshi, because the 60 year old woman, the South Korean President of the position of Pu Jinhui may not be protected by the. Who is she? South Korea called the "bestie and dark park cronies". Korean media broke the news on the evening of 24, found 200 papers in the Cui Shunshi property disposal of computer, of which 44 are Park speech file open time before the president’s speech. You know, the president’s speech before release is an important secret, only the president and a handful of officials can come into contact with the violation of state secrets act has become the biggest scandal in the park. South Korean media further disclosure, Cui Shunshi not only interfere with the president’s speech, but also on the park Geun hye’s dress, and even diplomatic issues, a wide range of interference. Apologize to all national park in addition to the regular new year’s speech, for the first time an event to address the nation on the 25 South Korean President Park Geun hye of the media exposed his cronies Shunshi speech a review Cui president, published an apology speech to the nation. Yonhap said, this is since August last year, in addition to the regular new year’s speech, Pu Jinhui for the first time an event to address the nation. South Korea’s JTBC television reported on 24, there is no official Cui Shunshi received 44 copies of the speech, and was published before these speeches in the park, including the March 2014 Park in the eastern German city of Dresden issued a "united Korea based initiative notes. The Notes document is stored in the office of Cui Shunshi a discarded computer. Because these documents on time in a speech before the park, so television suspect Cui Shunshi review and modify the script. Park Geun hye 25, published in the presidential palace on Chong Wa Dae, "to the National Book", to make a statement. She said that Cui Shunshi had been in 2012 when she ran for president to make personal recommendations on the campaign, mainly speech and public relations activities. In her inaugural address in 2013, she went on to ask Cui Shunshi for advice on some materials. After the formation of Chong Wa Dae’s secretary, she stopped asking for help from Cui Shunshi. "For whatever reason, I am sorry that caused the concerns of the people, the country surprised and sad, I feel sorry for people," Pu Jinhui said, bowing. The president should be chained and thrown into prison? The opposition party members required to resign Pu Jinhui did not explain the specific time to terminate her Cui Shunshi advice all the cabinet minister and presidential secretary, did not mention Cui Shunshi suspected of corruption reports. After Pu Jinhui’s speech, the South Korean people in the social media heated debate; opposition MPs asked all cabinet ministers and the president’s secretary to resign. Gyeongnam many civic groups held a press conference the same day, park Geun hye urged to step down. This television has revealed evidence submitted to the prosecution, legal responsibility can pursue the relevant personnel, is the focus of media attention. According to Yonhap news agency, Han Guojun相关的主题文章: