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Physicists also have math phobia? Sohu science and technology how many people because of the physical is not good to give up science, how many people are not good at mathematics science and engineering. In fact, mathematics is not good, the physical is very cattle people everywhere, the most famous is Einstein. Mention the master of the theory of relativity, we have to talk about his math exam 1 story, in fact, is not a failure, but in Germany’s education system is full of. But Einstein took the full score of geometry, which is a reflection of his ability to imagine the space. But the algebra is his flawed, even has become a master in physics, some key derivation of relativistic formula, Einstein almost mad, and finally his good friend Marcel Grossman to help him again?. A new study suggests that even the best mathematical physicists can avoid large scale mathematical calculations on the academic path. The study was published in "New Journal of Physics". The study shows that physicists are not concerned with the theory of long – winded mathematical formulas. More specifically, the study said: mathematics or mathematics itself exists extensively "barriers to intercourse", and the reason is not that people do not have good mathematics education of "Mathematics" or we have biases. Tim · from the Exeter University; Dr. (Tim Fawcett) by color Andrew and · Dr. Higginson (Andrew Higginson) by using statistical method, analysis of more than 2 thousand top physics academic papers citations, found in these articles, the reference amount of mathematical formula of the article is the least. For this result, Dr. Higginson said: "our previous studies have shown that biologists do not love formula, but for physicists, their math skills should be high, but they do not love formula, which makes us very surprised. So, this finding is critical, which means that there is a gap between mathematical theory and experiment, and this may also be a lot of scientific research can not be crossed or difficult to overcome the potential obstacles." On the solution, many people will focus on education. However, the results show that the science education and training for students can not help us get rid of the barriers. These "as the research object" physicists have a veteran in battle in mathematical education, but they cannot go beyond the boundaries of the exchange of mathematics and physics so close. For now, however, the most likely solution is to suggest that teachers strengthen the role of language in highly technical research and teaching, for example, to spend more time explaining the meaning of formulas. Everything has two sides, color law says: "physicists to think clearly, how to better show the mathematical part of his research, his theory is easy to understand, can let other researchers at a glance. In fact, in the final analysis, it is time to read a scientific paper carefully, even the best physics professor相关的主题文章: