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Philippine President Duthel Te said tough   not rare in Europe and the United States — international aid — original title: Philippine President Duthel Te said tough not rare Europe aid data figure: Philippines’s president Duthel Te. The leaders of Philippines again in 6 for the European tough stance, President Rodrigo? Walter said, if the United States and the European Union does not love him and want to stop aid, then "go ahead"; foreign minister perfecto? Yasai said, Philippines from the American colonial rule, the United States has been a "invisible chain" in Philippines so, the "Little Brown Brothers" conform to the interests of the United States, it must break the shackles". [Philippine President: don’t talk to me about human rights] Duthel Te day in recognition of active anti drug police said: "I tell the people at home and abroad about human rights: you all go to hell. There is nothing wrong with the president, the police and the army to protect citizens." "I don’t expect human rights organizations to understand me. I don’t want Obama to understand me. I don’t want the EU to understand me. I don’t need to understand. If you think, now indeed should stop your aid, so be it, we will not beg you." Duthel Te became president, followed him as mayor of the iron fist policy in Davao City, to fight against drug trafficking and other crimes. Thousands of people have been killed in the crackdown, caused the United States and the European Union accused the Duthel Te administration does not respect the "human rights" and "the rule of law". Duthel Te of the accused were furious, and Philippines’s traditional allies of the United States "decorum", including the cancellation with us president Barack Obama is scheduled to meet? Many times by the sharp rhetoric and foul language back Obama and other U.S. officials. 4, he said in his speech, Obama should go to hell". Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Sweden, the United States is Philippines’s largest arms supplier. In the former Walter Benigno? Aquino III served as president, Philippine US military relations more closely, training, military exercises and military access increased. Philippines is the largest recipient of American military in the Asia Pacific region, fiscal year 2015 United States $50 million in aid for the purchase of us made weapons and equipment. Duthel Te, 4, said that if the United States refused to sell weapons to Philippines, Philippines can be purchased from other countries. [Philippine foreign minister: get rid of American dominance of the foreign minister of Philippines Yasai] 6 in the face book issued, criticized the United States to human rights violations as an excuse to interfere in the anti drug operation, pointed out that since independence Philippines has actually been manipulated by the u.s.. Philippines is a long history of the United States colonies, the Second World War was once occupied by Japan, after the war and then reduced to the American colonies, and ultimately in 1946 completely independent. Yasai said, "the United States has been an invisible chain to control us, let us rely on and obey (US)". Even after independence, the United States has always regarded Philippines as a "little brother who cannot be truly independent and free". "The most important thing is to break the chains of dependence and to deal with internal and external security," he said相关的主题文章: