Philippine foreign minister said China will not be a military alliance with the United States is sti jodie foster

Philippine foreign minister says it will not China and beauty of a military alliance is still the only ally data figure: US philippine armed forces "shoulder to shoulder" joint military drill on the close relationship between the original title: Philippine foreign minister says it will not China and a military alliance is still the only U.S. ally Reference News Network reported on October 8th in Philippines said that Philippines has no intention of a military alliance and Chinese. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on October 6th, although said after Philippines President Duthel Te criticized the long-term ally of the United States, he will strengthen relations with China, but his foreign minister says 6 days, Philippines will not deal with the second largest economy in the world of a military alliance. Foreign minister Yasai at the Senate hearing said: "we hope to strengthen relations with Chinese, but from the military perspective, we will not enter into any alliance with China, because the president has never been to this." Yasai said: "the president has made clear on many occasions, he is only a military alliance, in this regard, we only ally the United states." Philippines and the United States in 1951 signed a joint defense treaty. The treaty was signed in 1998, "visiting Forces Agreement" and signed in 2014 to strengthen defense cooperation agreement basis. Duthel Te in a recent speech that will require U.S. troops out of Southern Mindanao, the United States and Philippines also threatened to cancel the annual exercises during his tenure. Yasai said, although Walter hopes to improve relations with the Chinese, but this does not mean that we should dissolve with American allies or weaken our friendship with the United states".相关的主题文章: