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N method of death on gas generation who can save the natural gas power generation who will save gas power generation, N die – Lead – on gas power once high hopes gas power generation is becoming more and more embarrassing situation. If policy support has been adjusted, the collapse of the industry may be in the next second. In the case of air pollution and carbon emissions under the double pressure, gas power generation in China had been high hopes, but the current high price of gas and excess power pattern, is let gas power become chicken ribs, leave useless, wasteful to discard. Can be released yesterday "13th Five-Year" Guangzhou energy development planning environmental impact report, also plans in the new 6 large-scale gas power generation projects before 2020, people really scared out in a cold sweat. At present, our country’s gas more than 6600 kilowatts of installed capacity, in addition to gas-fired power plants around Beijing and parts of Guangdong have a slight profit, other parts of the gas turbine is basically in the state of half-dead. Beijing is due to the political task of coal to gas, and some parts of Guangdong is a long association of natural gas price advantage, barely live. There is no doubt that the current gas generator (except distributed) as a whole industry, has come to the brink of dying, if the gas price does not change, except in the power equipment Monopoly, oversupply environment, large gas turbine will undoubtedly soon. Here we look at several dead gas power generation. Gas price expensive loss   gas price is the biggest factor restricting the generation of gas, but also lead to gas power generation is difficult to profit the biggest obstacle, but also the most critical crux of all the problems of gas power generation. At present, China’s natural gas price varies, even after two times after the price reduction, non residents of the eastern coastal areas with the pipeline gas prices are 2.5 yuan cubic meters up and down, such as Guangdong Province, about 2.8 cubic meters, Zhejiang 2.3 cubic meters, Jiangsu 2.5 cubic meters, while the vast majority of Shandong Province in 3 yuan above, some areas even up to 3.6 cubic meters. Such a high price of natural gas for power generation, is simply unbearable nightmare. According to expert estimates, the gas price of 2.7 yuan cubic meters, the corresponding cost of electricity is about 0.8 yuan per kWh, while coal per unit costs between 0.3-0.35 yuan, most of hydropower in 0.2 yuan, so the high cost, the enterprise only rely on policies and financial subsidies to maintain business. In Beijing, for example, in order to improve the air quality, Beijing surrounding several major power plants almost all gas generation, electricity generation costs can be accounted for, the annual financial needs of billions of dollars in subsidies. This is Beijing, where else can you afford it? The main reason for the high price of natural gas is no more than two: first, the upstream monopoly, not to die. Even if the current natural gas in Northern Shaanxi surplus, it is difficult consumptive background, still do not adhere to the price, see you naiwo? The second factor is the national control into the tone, companies want to buy can not buy. At present, the international market, adequate supply of natural gas, in a state of oversupply, foreign cheap natural gas is, but can not enter, if you want to import相关的主题文章: