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The University of military training set the women 8 dagger even "might be more tolerant – View – people.com.cn morning will came again a sonorous and forceful cries on the playground of Zhengzhou University, and the most striking in the team, this is Zheng Da first set up the new military training women" dagger even". Different from the traditional military training queue, special training task team mainly the 129 girls’ College of chemistry and Engineering Institute of foreign languages, which is a dagger. (Beijing, September 8th) the school year in September, the military training is the first university freshman courses, it can enhance students’ awareness of national defense and national defense concept, but also can train the basic military skills of students, to promote the comprehensive quality of College students. We usually see in the University, military training content up to hear the station is lined up, standing junzi, go marching, kicked, running, shouting slogans, singing and stack army and other traditional items, such as the Zhengzhou University women’s military dagger even before is almost unheard of". Each girls hand waving a silver sheen "dagger", may not support for this "feature" some people think the dagger is dangerous, accidentally may hurt themselves or other students may even make "very weak" girls become "strong", "violence", a lost civilization. But I believe that the university military training set up women’s dagger should be more tolerant. First, the university military training itself, is a kind of innovation. The majority of students in middle school have had military training, go through a similar training, easily lead to boredom, escape the emotion and the psychological conflict, so that the students’ enthusiasm to participate in military training is not high, the effect is poor. If in addition to simple performance action provisions, according to the actual situation of the school and students can not only enrich the training content, training solutions for the dull and boring, and students can adjust the tension of military life, is an innovative school military training mode and content exploration. Second, for female college students, is a self-help skills. In recent years, the security problem has become the focus of social concern. In the case of girls who are in danger, to master a certain defense skills may be the last straw". Therefore, as long as it is in the school military training students can withstand the range, no need too much blame, may wish to give tolerance and time to watch for. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: