Occupation fake people Wang Hai targeting the double 11 is expected to claim 10 million – Sohu news guitarpro5

Occupation fake people Wang Hai: targeting the double 11 is expected to claim 10 million – Sohu news according to the "Southern Metropolis Daily" reported on November 10th, starting from 2009 the first "double eleven" shopping activities, this year is the eighth "double eleven". Occupation fake people Wang Hai yesterday told the Southern Metropolis Daily said in an interview with reporters, Chinese "double eleven" shopping Carnival to imitate the American "black Friday", but the activities of counterfeit manufacturers sell fake, vacuity original discount, clear inventory the old new, take a single brush and a series of illegal acts as the shadow follows the form. This popular shopping carnival, during which some violation of the "consumer protection law" "food safety law" bad behavior caused by occupation fake people’s attention, a lot of fake person occupation will sell in "double eleven" during the investigation after the selected target for the purchase of goods, purchase of false claims in the fight against illegal businesses at the same time. Also benefited from. Wang Hai told reporters in Nandu, 2016 "double eleven" period, his fake team to buy the false claim amount is expected to more than 1000 yuan. Some of the "lone wolf" occupation fake people, such as the occupation of Nandu Fengxing fake people to reporters, 2016 "double eleven", his purchase of false claims will be more than 60 yuan. The lock will be meat, health care and other two or three categories of products occupation fake people Wang Hai this year "double eleven" lock the main meat and health care field. However, some occupation fake people to "double eleven" as usual, did not intend to focus on the. Yang Liandi said in the occupation fake people accepted an interview in Nandu, his team of "double eleven" period only two or three personal attention to online shopping platform. While Liu Dianlin is on the Nandu occupation fake reporters, his team in the protection of intellectual property rights business busy corporate clients, "double eleven" during their time at the same time, online shopping fake, he also told the south are reporters "Regulations for the implementation of consumer protection law (Draft)" on the adverse effects of fake people fake occupation in some cases, counterfeiting, problems become more difficult. Fake, virtual standard price, brush single cheat "double eleven" shopping Carnival after 8 years of evolution, it is not limited to that day in November 11th, in November 1st of this year, the Jingdong opened the first "double eleven" shopping activities prelude. In the occupation of fake people’s eyes, "double eleven" fake front are elongated, some occupation fake people a week in advance to do "double eleven" fake occupation preparation, some fake people team was for more than a month ahead of time. And, this year’s double eleven has also been the initial online shopping platform sales activities, evolved into the current online electricity supplier shopping platform, the line of the major shopping malls at the same time war. Fake and shoddy goods, virtual standard price, inventory and other phenomena in the past few years in the "double eleven" widely criticized. Wang Hai in Nandu said in an interview with reporters, "double eleven" is mainly to clear inventory, some genuine manufacturers with the old styles inventory posing as new, the old goods loaded into goods sold through the vacuity original, false discount; at the same time, there is a "double" by dumping some counterfeit manufacturers, using the name "double eleven" discounts to sell fake goods, and this big"相关的主题文章: