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Not in the Chinese eight cuisine, Kunming what the declaration of the world delicacy? Beijing, Kunming, September (reporter Hu Yuanhang) 24, 2009, in Yunnan, the name of the second special snacks and ethnic food culture festival, Kunming officially declared the world’s food capital". The world only 6 city awards, representatives do not enter Chinese eight Diancai Kunming, where emboldened to declare? In fact, the Kunming declaration of the world of the delicacy news had already released, suddenly sparked heated debate, voices can be heard without end. Some people think that the declaration of the world’s food capital of Kunming, a word, difficult! At present, the world’s only 6 city by UNESCO awarded the "delicacy of" title, Chinese Sichuan and Guangdong representative of Chengdu on behalf of Shunde, in the harsh conditions visible. However, there are also points of view, Yunnan is not only a major province of cultural tourism, but also a major national food Province, but now the lack of integration, packaging and promotion. "There is no Diancai cuisine, lakes but keep it legend." Yunnan province food and delicacy Industry Association executive president Yang Aijun believes that the impact of the natural environment, richly endowed by nature complex historical evolution, multi-ethnic and blend, and the impact of foreign culture, the development of Diancai never "alone big", but "all-embracing". Kunming Diancai representative, as a multi-ethnic city, declared the world delicacy of all ethnic diversity, climate diversity, food diversity and many other advantages. As everyone knows, Yunnan is China most minority provinces, white, Hani, Lisu, Dai, WA more than and 10 minority groups, each nation has its own unique food culture. The provincial capital of Kunming, Yunnan, 16 concentrated in the most representative of the city’s culinary culture essence. Variety of ancient ethnic cooking methods and skills of the Han nationality here, can be described as rich and colorful. In addition, the unique rich terrain topography, creating three-dimensional Yunnan, a variety of climate, but also to provide a wealth of resources and ingredients Kunming. According to the Yunnan Provincial Department of agriculture statistics, Yunnan has more than 1800 varieties of vegetables, wild and semi wild fruit species more than 100 kinds of tea varieties in 266, more than 50 kinds of small grains, livestock and poultry varieties 172, medicinal plants have been identified 4758 species, is worthy of the name "vegetable Garden", "fruit basket", "the tea shop" and "Chinese herbal medicine chest". Kunming has more than 85% of Yunnan’s food, flowers are edible fungus; also has many little-known spices, bittersweet salty sour, sweet, bitter, hot. Kunming as a world famous tourist city, coupled with its unique geographical location in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the city’s food culture has become increasingly diverse, international. At present, Kunming’s Thailand restaurant, a large number of Vietnamese restaurants, there are many French, Italy and other European cuisine. Despite its many advantages, Kunming did not see the declaration as an "easy journey"". "The title of the world’s food capital, the need to go through strict reporting and approval procedures to pass. Kunming declared the world’s food capital is a long-term work, fast three or four years, slow is five or six years, or even longer." AI Yang)相关的主题文章: