New car parked in the parking spaces on the ground after the car windows were simulated shooting bro poper

The car parked in the parking spaces on the rear window was broken – Beijing shooting simulation 14 evening 8:30, Mr. Zhang went downstairs to see something wrong in their own private car parked downstairs, approached a look, after the car windshield was broken spider. This is the car I bought in February this year, ran less than 1000 kilometers." Mr. Zhang said in an interview that the broken windows have a round hole on the glass, he suspected that the rear windshield was broken by imitation guns. Mr. Zhang lives in the north of the urban area of the county town, more than 8 in the morning, he parked the car in their own downstairs parking spaces. More than 8 o’clock that night, when he came downstairs and found that the car is not what the reasons behind the windshield was shattered. He said that the place where the car is parked and did not block the aisle, there is no impact on other residents travel situation. The reporter saw, Mr. Zhang’s car is a white KIA car Dongfeng Yueda, the whole car windshield completely broken, after the windshield in the middle position has a hole diameter of about 3 cm, surrounded by cracks. After the incident, Mr. Zhang contacted the property, and the transfer of residential property to monitor the day, but can not see the specific things, only to determine the initial thing happened at about 1:30 in the afternoon. I went to the police station, the police preliminary judgment, the rear windshield of the car was crushed through the simulation gun." Zhang said that after the replacement of the cost of the windshield requires 1800 ~ 2000 yuan, while his car is parked in the parking spaces, parking fees on time every month, the loss should not be borne by themselves. "I hope that the property company can properly handle this matter, and improve the protection of the residents of the community, but also hope to attract everyone’s attention, to avoid the occurrence of such incidents again." Residential property manager, said: the way the police have to wait for the results of the investigation to resolve." Cloud newspaper all media reporter Chen Zhuling Intern Jiang Jie相关的主题文章: