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Network anchor to play the banner of public broadcast live to earn six figure farce when Hugh? – China network, the focus of the 20161114 live webcast when the CCTV network news (focus): since the recent period, the rapid rise of the webcast. This is based on the Internet, in order to video, audio, graphics and other forms of public information released to the public after the launch of the event of widespread concern by users. In order to seek attention, broadcast platform also show their skills, have to find a spokesperson, is the network anchor began to live the life, live shopping, even live to eat and sleep, and the people came to Sichuan to go to Liangshan to live the public welfare poverty alleviation. The Internet is a big shot in Liangshan in early September of this year for Liangshan villagers payment money webcast. The tattoo body of the black man is a network anchor quickly broadcast platform, known as "Jie brother". After watching this video, we may be in the hearts of the "Jie Jie" good and generous point praise. However, in a section called the "secret Liangshan public welfare fraud" in the video, the same time, the same place, the present is different, the two men are back hundred dollar bills a group of old people and children hands stacks. After collecting and then handed the black man, while the black man buried his head a few money, while greeting. What the hell is going on? Not long ago, the reporter learned that this video was taken to a small village in Liangshan County in Butuo, led by the local guide, the reporter decided to go by car, check it out. The reporter arrived at the night sky gradually, and the local in the road, drove to the hillside place, before reaching the village on foot. I heard a reporter to interview the matter, many villagers heard the news that day in the video site over time. They said that they were playing a group of people came to call the oats, they eat sweets, give them some money. But don’t let them put the money in his pocket, but cited in the hands of pictures. In the video, the money sent by the anchor claimed that this is the village’s poorest fifteen families, but in fact, just a few people to find, and finally all the money back. In another video display, they put the money back, the anchor also said: "to send you something, in the past to line up to shoot." So, in the end, the so-called charity team just sent to the local villagers towels, toothbrushes, soap, etc.. Listen to the presence of villagers discussion, the team gave the children a few things. A reporter asked, could not help but surprise. They gave the children four eggs, take pictures, after taking off the three, leaving one; there are pencils, a bundle of hair, after taking off, leaving the two. The so-called public broadcast, take 30 thousand cash back to the villagers on-site payment, while the real hair supplies less than two hundred yuan, left when the team told the villagers live second days, but also to the villagers issued other materials. On the second day of the clothes, pants, shoes, and then do not come. After a lapse of two months, until the reporter came to the village to investigate the matter, the villagers have never seen this live team figure. Reporter learned through the investigation, in Sichuan, Liangshan,.相关的主题文章: