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Music to buy Amazon China? Amazon said in response to rumors ridiculous – Sohu technology Sohu technology news September 19th news, yesterday LETV ecological O2O sales platform President Zhang Zhiwei micro Bo said, September 19th, "a Chinese enough to rewrite the electricity supplier industry event will be announced," since the media have claimed to have close LETV executives sources LETV will buy Amazon Chinese. Amazon CEO Zhang Wenyi Chinese today publish messages to employees, work progress and strategic planning and just Amazon founder Bezos meet and report Chinese team, has a long-term strategic planning for China market amazon. LETV has previously expressed the hope that the September 19th Festival playing with electric fans Ali "double 11" and "618" Jingdong similar Shopping Festival, and will be held on the evening of September 19th art and sports stars gathered in the evening. Amazon China President Zhang Wenyi mail reads as follows: Amazon colleagues: in the past day, you may have heard or asked about some of the rumors of Amazon china. I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to long-term development in china. Amazon China is one of the world’s key strategic markets in the Amazon, we will continue to invest in the Chinese market and continue to deepen the development in china. I have just arrived in Seattle to report on our progress in China and discuss China’s strategy and planning with Bezos and Amazon’s top management team. I believe that these are the best proof of market rumors and false speculation. Currently, Amazon has built four core business strategy in China, including Amazon, overseas purchase, international brand strategy and the Amazon Global Business Center for cross-border e-commerce business, including paper books, Kindle e-book reader and Amazon e-book reading, Amazon logistics + and Amazon cloud services (AWS). Thank you for every effort, our four core business strategy in China steadily and has made good progress. International brand strategy, for example, since the end of 2014 has been a milestone in the development of. As of August this year, only China consumers to buy Amazon overseas site the amount of goods cross-border direct mail order has exceeded 10 million. The first half of 2016, Amazon’s overseas purchase sales have reached nearly 4 times over the same period last year; the Amazon sea purchased? Since the flash sales on the first anniversary of the line, the monthly sales to achieve the growth of nearly 18 times. Amazon has become the China Chinese consumer trust preferred to buy high-quality international site selection. If you asked again, as Amazon, I hope that we can provide our customers, suppliers, partners and industry to deliver a clear message, that is, for the Chinese market, Amazon has a long-term strategic planning and firm commitment. Each of us is doing our job, not to be affected by these ridiculous rumors. Adhering to the concept of customer to still, Amazon China in the future will continue to meet the needs of Chinese customers through innovative products and services. Zhang Wenyi相关的主题文章: