More than 20 news media group of Shanzhou pits

More than 20 news media group in September 29th of Shanzhou pit hospital, Henan daily rural edition news station, Sanmenxia daily, the Yellow River times palm Golden Triangle, Sanmenxia television station, Henan youth, Sanmenxia, Sanmenxia micro mapping network entertainment, life in Sanmenxia more than 20 main stream media and new media, since the media news to China pit house scenic folk songs, and appreciate the sentiment has a stock of most and best preserved "pits". 4000 years ago, the ancestors of Shaanxi in imitation of nature, follow the gossip, and soil life into the world as a whole, in the Loess Plateau on the flat hole, hole walls, in cave in, from generation to generation reproduction, passing the torch, the formation of the "Horizon ancient village", is the living fossil of human history of the cave. "See the trees but not the village village, not real, people do not see the door, no one heard", is a true portrayal of the pit house, it fully embodies the "world harmony, a coexistence, the unity of nature and philosophy". The pit hospital area to the folk culture as the soul, the unique rural natural landscape as the background, the planning area of 5 square kilometers, mainly by the folk culture park, subway lane, 100 Yiyuan, Yi Yuan Cave Hotel, ecological sightseeing garden, large-scale, unique landscape show pits a long history, unique the architectural form, rich cultural heritage, reflecting the rural ancient charm and traditional flavor. The same day, 100 Yiyuan opened the pit hospital coincides with the scenic spot, tourism commercial street reporters strolling in the architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasty, a jade jewelry, watch antiques and paintings, knitting embroidery products, buy all kinds of tourism souvenirs, while walking, greatly. It is reported that Yiyuan hundred commercial street, a total length of 168 meters, the building area of 4700 square meters, with 68 shops, ranging in size to meet different business needs. Reporters have also watched the snack street and folk culture park. The introduction of Shaanxi Mawei station snack street food and beverage brands, according to the "433" principle to configure the "the Yellow River Golden Triangle" area of snacks, Henan accounted for 40%, Shaanxi and Shanxi accounted for 30%, including five Academy of traditional folk crafts products and "Shanzhou ten bowl seats," Shanzhou mutton soup ", a total of hundreds of kinds of snacks Henan, people like noodle, fried dumplings, haggis soup, Qin flavor soup powder, with characteristic of Shanxi sheep sheep, Sliced noodles, a unique product. The alley on the west side of the five row homes showed local seats, ten bowls of wine and other agricultural and sideline products, the opening has been the praise of tourists. A folk culture park consists of 22 interconnected original pit house, it focuses on the evolution of the ancient courtyard of history, showing the "Shanzhou paper-cut" "mud" "and" book "jangaard show" and "marriage" performance "in western Henan Folk Customs and traditional art. Reporters watched on the grass and red printing performance of Shanzhou pits and beautiful ecological environment, rich history and culture, culture and tourism integration, local construction and development greatly. It is reported that the scenic spot in May this year, the official foreign business, opened the same day, up to 80 thousand visitors. In June 16th, 2016 Chinese "Internet plus" summit held in Beijing, the successful case of scenic tourism as well as the Shanzhou pit house, was awarded.相关的主题文章: