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The peak congestion is expected to continue until 11 when the Sohu news Legal Evening News (reporter Zhang Ting) Mid Autumn Festival holiday to usher in the end, today afternoon, the highway to Beijing direction traffic is relatively concentrated. City Transportation Commission reminded, tomorrow is Sunday, is the first working day after the holiday, but is not limited to the line, the day is expected to peak as early as the main loop and the city and the city of tie line congestion outstanding. Based on past experience to judge, not to limit working day early peak traffic pressure, mainly due to limited line of lead vehicle increased, and traffic demand is expected to commute to school, the early peak traffic congestion and congestion time will be extended into the network congestion state started from 7, 7:30 to 9:00 network continuity to reach severe congestion levels until 11 after the road network will decline. Congested roads concentrated in the direction of the city into the loop and the main line. According to the traffic control department predicted this afternoon will usher in the peak travel to Beijing, is expected to 14 PM to 20 pm, I will gradually appear outside the city highway traffic peak return. The past two Beijing sunrise traffic, is expected to peak return, high-speed Beijing Tibet, Beijing Chengde, Beijing opened high-speed traffic will be more concentrated, especially the high-speed Beijing Tibet Road, Shahe Hong Chong Road; Huairou Jingcheng Houshayu Road, Jingkaigaosu road; Yufa Road, Panggezhuang Road, easy the accident and the backlog of vehicles queuing situation. Drivers can choose the appropriate peak Beijing according to the actual situation, in order to avoid the traffic of the highway on time. High speed Beijing Tibet is expected today to 20:00 congestion time 15:00 supernatant bridge Huilongguan Beijing direction congestion, traffic from the North Fifth Ring Bridge or Beiyuan Yangshan bridge north, along the road or Beiyuan Road to Tang Road continue traveling north to the North six ring Mafang toll station, and then westward, the one hundred Ge bridge sail back to Beijing Tibet expressway. Or by the North Fifth Ring Road G7 exports into the new high-speed Beijing, traveling north to the north to clear the road, then travel east to Xinzhuang bridge from the Bei’an River Drive returned to the Beijing Tibet highway toll station. Changping Xiguan Huandao North six ring to the direction of Beijing congestion, traffic from 100 Ge bridge westward into the North six ring, traveling to the floor from the village bridge, north into the new high-speed Beijing, Deng Zhuang to sail back to Beijing Tibet expressway. Or by the Shahe exit toll station west into Sha Yang Road to the Yangfang bridge, then north into the warm south, traveling to the south, then the high-speed Beijing Tibet auxiliary road Beijing Tibet expressway. Chengde is expected to jam time today from 14:00 to 20:00 tetracyclic bridge and looked to the main toll station of Beijing direction congestion, can go to Beijing Road vehicles traveling to Beijing high-speed flat, along the Beijing level high-speed to sail back to Beijing chengde. The East and south by east rings on the vehicle, the airport two high-speed traveling to Beijing high-speed flat tube head bridge, West sail back to Beijing chengde. The bypass line of Beijing high-speed is expected today to 20:00 congestion time 15:00 West crossing to dujiakan Beijing direction congestion, traffic from Lin westward into the West six ring, southward to Liyuan bridge, then drove back to Beijing Macao expressway. Or go directly to Beijing week road to Zhao Xin Dian No. one bridge, drove back by Zhao Xindian toll station.相关的主题文章: