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Millet LETV tear forced big comb, Qualcomm confirms one plus 3T- technology Sohu in the 9th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, yesterday was the beginning of winter, you wear long johns? I am @ Yang Muchen, because of the lack of manpower, a more substantial "E minutes" to adjust every Tuesday, Thursday update – and every Saturday, "E weekly" to continue to report dynamic, depth analysis. Today, Lenovo has released a new generation of terminal MotoM, starting HelioP15 processor, equipped with 5.5 inches 1080P screen, 4G ram 32G of storage space, the front 8 million rear 16 million pixel camera, battery capacity 3050mAh. Support for fingerprint recognition, nano coating waterproof, but the maximum power charge is 10W, 1999 for sale. Helio P15 processor clocked at the highest 800MHz, still using TSMC 28nm process, but MediaTek said P15 compared to P10 to improve the overall performance of 10%, a total of 10%, as long as the 1999 Oh, pro, Mali-T860! This was the two day millet and music awfully, multi-party inspection I give you a comb. The first is from a point of millet came a department of information to say HUAWEI mobile head Yu Chengdong LETV owed 15 billion suppliers prepare to sue the event. Later, Zhou Hong, and other versions of the screenshot. The afternoon of the second day as the Ecological Administrative micro-blog Lei issued version of the screenshot directly asked millet black technology. Millet company spokesman by virtue of the music as a question of arrears. This indirectly explains the words on the screenshot is said by Lei Jun. But suspected screenshot broke Sun Changxu then micro-blog map implies the shrimp bullshit". Contact millet staff did not respond, contact the music as a response to the staff is millet internal recognition, but also came to the door". At present, micro-blog forward Zhou Jia Yueting statement alluding to Lei Jun under?. Get the message from the current point of view, LETV arrears is true, and very serious; the possibility of planning events, millet is relatively large, as of press time micro-blog has yet to respond to Lei Jun. Follow @ Yang Muchen will continue to follow the progress of events. Let’s look at the three new machine message: Vivo bright blind front dual photo God Machine X9 today confirmed by Eddie Peng endorsement. Do you like Eddie Peng? The new machine S9 Jin upcoming by the Ministry website exposure, as the dual camera. The same thing is that there will be a bright black version, which looks pretty good value. It is said to be equipped with 1.8Ghz eight core processor, how do you see? One plus 3 has been very popular, it is also a snapdragon 821 edition and 3T rumors Sheng clamor. Qualcomm is the official Twitter ran out of their own make this rumor. 3T is going to be released. Have you got one plus 3? Mask said the investigation has clear Falcon 9 rocket in September 1st bombing. Because the fuel injection system is abnormal and produced solid oxygen and carbon composite, the latter bottle contains liquid helium reaction triggering explosion. Mask also said it would restart the launch next month. If you down相关的主题文章: