Man stealing the temple of sesame oil money on the notebook to write, remember to save (Figure) – Ch

Men frequently steal notebook temple incense money "remember to save" (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, August 29, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan Changhua County, 36 year old man surnamed Chen in Changhua County in the temple to steal one after another, the day before yesterday (27 days) to steal Changhua Wanxing house for fishing the line tied with lead sheet "double-sided adhesive glue" or sesame oil money, was arrested on the spot found temple alarm. The police found a notebook in Chen Nan, wrote that "money can not be saved," "in" writing should be "Ironic again.". After hearing yesterday, according to the drug theft accusations brought to justice. Police pointed out that Chen suspected in 26, 3 in the afternoon, first with the line tied to lead the way sticky glue, stolen in Wan Xing Gong Tanaka sesame oil money 2100 yuan (NT), the remaining 800 yuan to buy drugs amphetamine. More than 6 points on the evening of the same day, due to lack of money again to Wan Xing palace in the same way to steal, hand 900 yuan, the temple staff just to see the monitor, police rushed to arrest. The police investigation, Chen suspected of carrying a notebook, in order to steal the money down time and succeeded, the notebook with a pencil in bold to write "money can not be saved! To save money, "" in the "should be" re writing ". Chen Nan will steal the sesame oil money as their own wage income, and asked himself to save money, it is very funny. Police pointed out that Chen suspected of notebook records began from 26 to 3 this month, reasonable doubt should be recorded on the theft and the time and place, the last time in 26, Wan Hing House 2100 yuan and 6000 yuan. Special note notebook "remember", "money", Chen suspected of drug seizures and judgment is unemployed, only four houses, then buy the amount of stolen drugs. The police arrested Chen Nan in his car and found the remaining proceeds of 1700 yuan and a packet of amphetamines, smoking. After the police investigation on theft and drug accusations sent to do.相关的主题文章: