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Mai Rui Bao XL hybrid version of the market, can be cheaper than the Camry hybrid? Auto – Sohu previously, had heard of the automobile industry a famous teacher said that the world oil electric hybrid system has two kinds, one is the TOYOTA hybrid, the other one is the other hybrid. Explains the TOYOTA hybrid in this field position, TOYOTA’s variety of hybrid models have been on the market for years, the Camry hybrid is the people most familiar with one of the hybrid car. But with the development of technology, the hybrid field constantly have new faces squeeze, but also a good strength, such as GM’s Chevrolet Mai Rui Bao Chevrolet XL hybrid version in the two days before officially listed, launched a total of two configurations of two models, the price range of 23.99-26.99 million, than the Camry hybrid version the price is lower, clearly is directed to the camry. So, what gives the Mai Rui Bao XL hybrid version of this confidence, the courage to challenge the hybrid car "boss" — the Camry hybrid? Of course, the confidence comes from technology, product source technology. Want to lead others, have to speak with strength. The enemy, the Camry hybrid version of the core technology in? We first look at the Camry hybrid THS hybrid technology, called TOYOTA Hybrid System, this system was most early in 1997 for the first generation Prius (Puris). The Camry hybrid technology belongs to the second generation of THS system is THS-II, which is listed on the longest time, cumulative reputation hybrid system is one of the largest sets, listed from 2003 has been 13 years. At the same time, it is also a "strong mixing" system, that is, non plug-in hybrid system. It has five main components: the internal combustion engine, permanent magnetic metal hydride battery and power control unit synchronous motor, generator, high performance. THS-II is one of the core components of the engine known as the Atkinson cycle, which is a high compression ratio, long expansion of the internal combustion engine working cycle. The Atkinson cycle engine is used to make the energy generated from combustion more fully utilized by delaying the intake valve closing and delaying the exhaust valve opening. How does the THS-II system work? A simple point of view, THS-II system is an engine (Atkinson cycle engine) and two motors (MG1 and MG2), MG1 is responsible for power generation, MG2 is responsible for driving power, clever distribution through the planetary gear mechanism, and finally through the fixed gear reducer directly drives the wheels. The advantages of this set of THS-II hybrid system is mature and reliable, low failure rate; at the same time, road conditions in the city better ride comfort. But the disadvantages are also obvious, the first is due to the separation of internal combustion engine and motor, which adapt to road conditions level is very narrow; and because the THS system can not only rely on internal combustion engine driven and pure electric mode, the maximum speed of only 60km h, the overall power output is weak, especially under high speed environment, then speed is especially. Mai Rui Bao XL hybrid version with what can be相关的主题文章: