Lu Jun gold prices fell early in 1320 regional air

Lu Jun: the price of gold fell early in the morning of 1320 regional air Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Lu Jun: Gold Chonggao down early in the 1320 regional air Beijing time on September 15th (Tuesday): North American session the United States a series of mixed economic data released last week, initial jobless claims as in the past the better performance, which shows the U.S. labor market continues to improve. On the other hand, the release of U.S. inflation data for August monthly rate of PPI and the United States in August retail sales rate data directly affect just passable, the United States in the three quarter GDP. The manufacturing data is also the same as the weak performance, which also further touches the major institutions lowered the U.S. three quarter economic forecast. And in this context may directly affect the rate hike in September, data released after the dollar index down fast, non US currencies strong move, precious metals have a strong move. But the good times don’t last long non US currencies, the market fluctuated, while the international price of gold under pressure area selling pressure of rapid decline, and hit a recent low. Beijing time on September 15th (Tuesday): the international price of gold down out of the market, Asia city early international gold prices rebounded slightly to close the day before the morning peak stop retracement, and in the matching period in Europe accelerated decline, the lowest reach $1318 ounce line. But by the time the impact of gold disc data strong move to near $1328 an ounce, and then spread quickly down market, and accelerate downward after the below $1318 an ounce of European lows hit a recent low of $1309 ounce line. But the price of gold to start a rapid rebound in the market after touching $1309 ounce line, but eventually blocked at $1322 an ounce from below, finally closed at $1314 an ounce line, line to close out a big line. International price of gold rose from 1299 U.S. dollars to expand the market, and ultimately subject to the downstream channel pressure line, followed by a continuous retracement of the market. The author mentioned earlier in the article the importance of the 1330 line, when the price of gold since the rally in the 1330 stressed that if the price of gold on the first line of the station, will be announced at the beginning of the correction of the end of the 1367 market, and there will be more upside space in the end of 1299. Then the price of gold is subject to the downstream channel 1352 line. At this time the price of gold to start withdrawing the market correction, the author emphasizes that gold once again fell below the 1330 line is not 1300, but the price of gold will break below 1300 mark, the market seems to predict the forward forward, see. Yesterday, the price of gold itself is relatively weak, and the recent international price of gold has been suppressed below 1330, low continues to move down, which is a typical weak market. The inability to directly subject to the rebound in early trading near overnight rebound highs retracement correction, Europe has accelerated downward, which implied that the disc will be further down. But in the United States quickly pulled the session data may affect the price of gold, many empty single stop. Random price of gold in the vicinity of the 1328 region once again stop retracement相关的主题文章: