Look at the odds of winning super Hengda defending top scorer is GalAT coscoqd

Look at the odds of winning super Hengda top scorer is defending champion GalAT after all here this Saturday, due to the national tournament due to the suspension of the Super League will start, the last 4 League not only decided the championship, at the same time, the team relegated top scorer will be announced. At the end of the 4 round before the battle, the Gambling company has opened this year in the odds of winning and the top scorer of the odds, Hengda defending and top scorer GalAT almost no suspense. In the latest odds to win the Super League Guangzhou Hengda currently ranked top 26 League 17 wins 6 flat 3 negative harvest 51 goals to lose 16 ball record, 7 points ahead of second Jiangsu Su Ningda more than 4 left in the League under the. Hengda not only the superiority of the crown in the super super points, but also in the control of the ball, such as the number of goals, shots, pass the threat of a series of data and so on, are ranked super first. At the end of the 4 round: Hengda road Shijiazhuang, Yanbian, at the battle of Jiangsu Suning, Shandong Luneng battle, 7 point lead means that if they can finish 2 wins against Shijiazhuang and Yanbian in the last second rounds, will advance 2 round of Super League champions. From the Gambling company 188BET is currently out of the win odds, Hengda 1.01 odds in the gaming field is the ultimate play the odds, can be said to win no suspense; and Jiangsu Suning the odds of winning is as high as 26, in order to comeback from the team level or from the odds are difficult to see. The best striker, currently GalAT won the odds of 1.30, while Liaoning Hongyun James odds of 4, Wu Lei won the odds of 7. From the current top scorer, LVL 15 goals (25 appearances), Demba (14 goals in 18 appearances, 14 goals) and James (25 appearances), Wu Lei (13 goals in 26 appearances), because Demba is injured so the odds of winning is not him, while the other 3 goals on the gap is not large, but the Gambling company or flower gives GalAT 1.30 won low compensation, seems to make the top scorer award suspense has all gone. The advantage is that the overall strength of Hengda support, as well as its own individual has excellent technical and tactical level. He is currently shooting times 85 times (13 times in the most left foot, right foot, 50 times 22 times, but also gave the header) 7 assists, ball threat 52 times ranked in the fifth, this comprehensive ability of James and Wu Lei can not be compared, but also see the Gambling company high LVL of non thick. At the end of the 4 round of Hengda in case of no AFC Champions League task, can be more easily complete the sprint! [Wu Junhao [micro-blog]] [want to improve the winning rate? Look at the small intelligent lottery prediction game! ]相关的主题文章: