Long march on the road – the big theme of the collective interview ended successfully diying

Long run on the Long March, a large group of collective activities successfully concluded – in the long march on the road to run off, the group successfully completed the mission of the collective interview Shaanxi station. Yanan Beijing, September 29, September 29th (reporter Song Yusheng), "long road to well-off society" delegation successfully completed the Shaanxi station group interview task, marking the central network information office organized the march on the road of well-off "network media" go turn change "theme of collective interview activities ended. Interview end ceremony in the victory of long march of central Wuqi County of Shaanxi Province Red Army memorial held. The central network information office deputy director of the national network information office deputy director Ren Xianliang, Central Party History Research Center Deputy Director Gao Yongzhong, Shaanxi provincial Party committee, Yanan municipal Party committee secretary Xu Xinrong, responsible comrades in Shaanxi Province, Yanan City, Wuqi County, long march along the 15 provinces city network information office relevant responsible comrades, as well as in 43 the activities of the Shaanxi station network media interview editors and reporters attended the ceremony. The end of the ceremony, all the staff of the Red Army martyrs to bow three times, Ren Xianliang, Gao Yongzhong, Xu Xinrong and the delegation on behalf of the Central Red Army to victory monument flowers. Ren Xianliang to the Central Red Army Victory Monument flowers.   Ren Xianliang pointed out in his speech, in October 1934, the Central Red Army from Jiangxi, began the long march twenty-five thousand known to the world. A red army, red two army, Red Army and red twenty-five army troops, experienced all kinds of twists and turns, overcome many hardships and dangers, which lasted for two years, the final victory in the realignment in the Northwest region. The Red Army created a miracle of grandeur, write a glorious chapter in Chinese revolutionary history, is very important and far-reaching significance in the Chinese Communist Party, the people’s army and the Chinese nation’s history. Ren Xianliang said, in the CPC Central Party History Research Office under the guidance, in support of the long march along the 15 provinces around the network related letters, propaganda, history and other departments under the joint efforts of the majority of news websites, and new media reporter and editor, "long road to well-off society" network media "go turn change" large theme interviews made a very good publicity effect. At the same time, the network media team in the event of personal experience of the long march of the hero’s journey, the spirit of the long march through baptism, consciously practice the spirit of the Long March, has been the exercise of growth. All the way down, the delegation listened carefully to the hundred year old Red Army Long March Wang Chengdeng experience, Luo Kaifu recorded the old reporter 30 years ago to re take the touching story of long road, boarded an altitude of 4114 meters of jiajinshan, experience the ABA Hongyuan County Grassland difficult, also witnessed eighteen cave village, Huayuan County Meitan Longfeng village, Jingning village, Luochuan following the great changes of red old county town in the old revolutionary base areas. In the interview, the young editors and reporters braved the heat, rain, dusk, heart, love, hard to turn to go change, get off the car to interview, writing, even in the face of ankle injury illness, plateau reaction, etc., are always adhere to participate in the interview activities, to practice the great spirit of the long march the actual action reflects the network media responsibility consciousness. Ren Xianliang)相关的主题文章: