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Liu Yonghe: 9 year old illustrator achievement the most beautiful parenting book – Sohu in maternal and infant daughter, my research focus more on the parent-child interaction form, I also found that when I was in the form of parent-child interaction as the starting point to talk, young parents will be more interested in, they urgently need to interact the method, instead of listening to you from the analysis of Pestalozzi’s view to Dewey’s theory. One reader asked bluntly: "Teacher Liu, you tell me how to interact with children!" I replied that parent-child games, parent-child communication, parent-child reading, parent-child travel can be ah!" The reader then said, "how do you play? How do I say this? How to read?" I said, "well, I put these years, how do I play with the children, and how to say to the child, and how to read a book, give you." The reader is finally satisfied that this book is "the feet of the strange to the". It is my fifth parenting book, can be said to be the most exquisite form of a work. The formal beauty of the book is thanks to Zhang Xiutao, editor of Tsinghua University press. After seeing my manuscript, he proposed an idea: to give this book a four-color printing, text with illustrations, the illustrations do not adults work, and children need to complete. I heard his ideas very much in favor, and then determine the theme of "my happy time", illustrator locked in Yuying School of about 9 students. In fact, during the school work, I always want to live together with the students, writing together: for example, I will write some children’s songs on the guitar, invited several classmates to sing; I will write a script, organize students together to make micro film; I founded the Yuying auditorium, counseling students speaker standing in the hall to speech…… Maybe I will publish my campus life in the future, I recorded on children and children love to me. I have been changing my education to adapt to different types of children. Also hope to be able to provide different stages of different types of children. So, when I heard the teacher’s ideas, I feel like friends. I asked the children to walk on the right side of the corridor, understand each class painting small expert, and these small expert consultation and exchange about the plan. Neixiu children often poor expression, so I want to listen to them about this idea. Finally, there are 30 primary school students willing to cooperate with me, to come together to complete the "feet to the strange". When the 30 children work delivered to the editor and I teacher hands when we feel treasured children carefully drawn, for this book parent-child interaction adds a bit of fun and beautiful. When I dedicate my hands to these 9 year old illustrators, they are filled with a happy smile. When idle, I have carefully studied the 30 pieces of precious illustration, in fact, we can also see the parent-child interaction of small illustrator home from illustration. Some parents to accompany their children to read, and some parents to accompany their children to play together, some parents with children traveling together…… In the case of the theme is relatively broad, we see the different types of parent-child interaction, just interspersed in different chapters of the book. Look carefully, you"相关的主题文章: