Li Changyu Science Museum inaugurated the Chinese criminal detective to donate life in Beijing

Li Changyu Science Museum inaugurated the "Chinese criminal detective" to donate life – the news agency of the new network in Nanjing on 5 November, (Yang Yanci) the world’s first Forensic Science Museum — Li Changyu Forensic Science Museum Day 5, officially opened in Jiangsu, Rugao. The past year has stick towards the international, world famous detective expert forensic investigation for nearly 60 years, he decided to lifetime research results, donated to the hometown showcase. Deputy director of the State Council Office Tan Tianxing said at the opening ceremony, Dr. Li Changyu engaged in police forensics of outstanding performance, is the world-renowned detective, followed by the industry. The person he will elaborate collection of rare books, documents and archives, selfless to his home city of Rugao, built the world’s first museum of forensic science, is a great contribution to the cause of international criminal investigation, back to the home country and hometown feeling. The 78 year old Dr. Li Changyu hale and hearty, friendly and talkative. He sighed with emotion, "I have always had a desire, is to learn to bring back his ancestors (Ji) country. Hometown, is the Chinese overseas care. For the mother, her home is the wish of a lifetime. My wife and children, but also to say a few words of Rugao." In China was born in the United States, Li Changyu has been in the global 46 countries and regions involved in the investigation of more than 8 thousand cases of major criminal cases, including the murder of President Kennedy, Nixon Clinton and the Watergate affair, "911 incident", the American football star Simpson case etc.. With the excellent ability of handling the case, Li Changyu became the first American to hold the highest position of Chinese state police chief, also known as "contemporary Holmes" and "King", "the first Chinese detective". Li Changyu said, "I have been committed to one thing, it is impossible to make possible. With the efforts of many people, the museum was born in the hometown. Here, I hope you can learn forensic science now, value and trend." Into the museum Front Gate, Li Changyu life size image projection is to greet visitors. Growth, the museum is divided into achievement article by Dr. Li Changyu, detective books and information access area, display area, class case investigation case analysis room and other functional areas. Among them, the original manuscript of Li Changyu involved in the management of major cases, and criminal print books are very precious. In addition to the traditional data display, display technology, virtual reality imaging phantom imaging and other advanced fingerprint printers, crime scene simulation and other innovative exhibition forms has attracted a number of overseas guests stop. Li Changyu hope that after the completion of the museum is not only the cultural tourism resources, but also by the criminal investigation forensic cases of forensic science show, it has become a complex knowledge of criminal investigation technology and equipment of universal education and the. The same day, and more than 500 experts and scholars from around the world, all guests attended the opening ceremony. (end)相关的主题文章: