Lazy beauty help tidy up the chest had spent money Yuanxue million housework (video) shuyue

Lazy beauty help tidy up the chest had spent money to do the housework Yuanxue million to buy buy buy back more than a heartbreaking bill, there is not enough space to plug. Help city lazy tidy up the chest this occupation just rises in Chongqing, were selected as the goddess of the highest orbit Jinan Jun a month ago into the closet storage division in this industry, a square meters of space to clean up an hour can earn one hundred yuan. Yesterday, the reporter followed the experience of the wardrobe division of this occupation. How does the market foreground of the closet accept division, see an expert how to say? Spend a million tuition to participate in the training of "just look like housework, there can be many knowledge, to know and understand the spatial collocation, different seasons of clothes to be classified, according to the master of men and women used to store distribution……" Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw 26 year old Nan Jun at times street, followed her to the customer experience how to receive clothes. Black sweater collocation black wide leg pants, on the face of a delicate makeup, the reporter in the Daping times street to see small Hebei, her dress is not the same as ordinary housekeeping personnel. Who is of the highest Xiaoji selected track goddess, she and a friend opened a mobile phone shop in Guanyin Bridge. Six months ago, she learned in the online wardrobe division division of this profession, from an early age to do housework she wanted to engage in this profession, and optimistic about the market in Chongqing. Residents said, she grew up with parents grew up in the army, his parents are particularly strict, where things must be put back on the primary school, when she started independently to clean up the room, "did not do this before the occupation, I also went to a friend to help clean up the room, see even this occupation, I think we must do this a line of Chengdu, to do everything possible to find the teacher contact." A few months ago, she spent 10000 yuan tuition to participate in training in Chengdu. 1 square meters of the 1 hour charge 100 yuan residents said their current main business is to do WeChat promotion through the circle of friends, the customer must make an appointment three days in advance, and photographed, she didn’t know whether the need of a new look after incorporating bags, cabinets and other items, and to understand the requirement of customer. More than 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the reporter came to follow Xiaoji 6 times street, Ms. Zhou home. Before the door, residents first own clothes neat, wearing a work card and then knock on the door, but also wear clothes when finishing masks. Residents said, if the customer’s finishing underwear, she also wore gloves. First of all residents Zhou’s clothes from the closet, put a bed full, counted more than and 100 pieces. Ms. Zhou will not be in the side of the clothes out first, and then according to the season and the use of frequency division. Residents said, commonly used to hang up clothes, it is convenient to take, for clothing storage is also advantageous. The reporter saw residents move quickly, take socks, 5 seconds can be solved; containing T-shirts, no more than 10 seconds; other clothing is in accordance with the material, color, style classification stacked. Even at this rate, the inclusion of a two square meters of cabinets are also used for 1 hours and 40 minutes. Residents said, her price is a square meters one hour charge 100 yuan, if one square metre of space clothing too much, more than one hour charge 120 yuan, one hour finish is 100 yuan. In fact, the seemingly easy is physical storage when the season is the busiest division, finishing industry相关的主题文章: