Ladybug TV good tongue 2 broadcast CCTV sued claims one million kaya scodelario

"Ladybug TV" good "tongue 2" the broadcast CCTV international claims million Sina Technology News August 30th news today, Haidian court issued case letters, said mobile phone application "Ladybug TV" at sowing on the tip of the tongue "China 2", CCTV international company to copyright infringement will be taken to court, claims one million. Recently, the Haidian court accepted the case. CCTV international company said on the tip of the tongue "2" as the Chinese delicacy culture documentary, the continuation of the theme of the first season, to explore the relationship between people and food, CCTV for filming the show spent huge manpower and material resources. Authorized by CCTV, CCTV international exclusive access to the tongue of China 2, the right to information network dissemination. May 2016, CCTV international, blockbuster new media limited success in the development of mobile phone application "Ladybug TV", with "2" on the tip of the tongue Chinese online play services to users through the information network. CCTV international company believes that the success vision’s behavior has seriously violated their legal rights, so for any prosecution success vision of the company to immediately stop the infringement, compensation for economic losses and bear the cost of 50 thousand yuan rights 1 million. Currently, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: