Kyrgyzstan police arrested 14 suspected of selling arms or with the Embassy in Kyrgyzstan Chinese te diamondprox

Kyrgyzstan police arrested 14 suspected of selling arms or with the Embassy in Kyrgyzstan China terrorist attack on the news agency of the new network – Astana in October 23, according to Russian media 23 news, 14 days ago the Kyrgyz border police on suspicion of illegally selling weapons were arrested, the terrorist attack on the Embassy in Kyrgyzstan China Gang has received weapons from the office. Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan media reports, Deputy Minister of the interior, Apode Kalow 21, has held a press conference, said "the divisor of border Bureau officers on active duty and retired military officers, and the tenth Bureau of the Ministry of the interior of a director". But he did not disclose the specific number, the case has been submitted to the military Procuratorate, in order to facilitate the detection of the case, the current inconvenience to disclose more details". Kyrgyzstan Interfax quoted official sources as saying that a total of 14 Kyrgyzstan border guards and interior ministry officers were arrested on suspicion of selling arms. And pointed out that, after investigation, they had previously sold to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan terrorist attacks on criminal gangs selling weapons". "Bishkek Evening News" revealed that an action it originated in September 27th Kyrgyzstan police. The arrest of a man at arms dealers, the trial for a Kyrgyzstan general staff officers in active service in the "home" lieutenant. Follow it, did not expect so many people pull. Central Asia News Network that, another 26 suspects police fired. Russian news network said that the actual arms dealer is also very people, the chairman of the national defense affairs committee chairman. Law enforcement agencies have discovered a series of AK automatic rifles and a large quantity of ammunition in his home, he will face the "illegal hiding, transportation and sale of arms" lawsuit. The number of outflow of weapons, Kyrgyzstan Deputy Minister of the interior, Apode Kalow said "the case is responsible for the military procuratorates, because the" secret ", he cannot give the answer". The Interfax news that Kyrgyzstan general staff was informed of the matter, immediately to Arsenal were examined, the inventory found less "26 automatic rifles, 14 pistols and 13000 rounds of ammunition". June 29th, Kyrgyzstan zuigaojian a staff car was placed the explosive device exploded on the outskirts of Bishkek. August 30th, the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan was a suicide car bomb attack, resulting in 3 people were injured, embassy buildings severely damaged. (end)相关的主题文章: