Keep this several routines not afraid of bloated sweater (video)

Keep this several routines without fear in the bloated sweater photograph: YOKA fashion headlines to really deal with the cold weather, not what is more appropriate than the sweater. But every year and every year wear sweaters, Guadan bloated, try this year spell color, soft texture of the wool will be in and out of a lot of beautiful tone. To several popular all-match tips, although the "dwarf adorable" wave hit (recently in Victoria Beckham show, Beckham to a big plus a cold leg drag drag curtain call, let many people quite surprised, though this kind of dress is quite comfortable, but the 55 body significantly shorter as the sense that so many the girl is not high, but in any case, the dust) was thin and tall is the mainstream. We are often used to find the reason from the sweater itself, I do not know the sweater is the key to the surrounding mix. Good at using contrastive principle, under the wide collection is thin king this is well understood, is the sweater is loose, the lower half of the skirt or trousers to body. Some girls will think winter is a good season for retaining the meat, can wear a coat of arms or block is belly meat, also can wear a skirt in the leg, not knowing if the sweater itself is oversize, the lower part of the body is wearing a loose dress, you will look more spacious and stocky. So don’t worry, slim jeans or bag hip skirt will have a big contrast with the sweater, using this rule, it will show thin. Milan fashion week 2017: Fendi weird Tommy Hilfiger X Gigi Hadid color stripe Fall 2016 MARNI and "M" on the lower half of the selection of pattern knit collocation, streamlined single product will never go wrong, especially when the sweater is with color style, it is important as simple skirt or trousers. In addition, the use of exquisite, compact shoes and handbags, you can zoom in contrast, the effect is more thin. If you are tired of the big sweater + Leggings collocation, the popular this year nine bellbottoms worth a try. More interesting, may wish to try a small skirt, only to reveal the edge to declare that I actually have a dress, high heels will always lengthen your proportion, modify your legs. MARNI mohair, wool and nylon blend egg type short cardigan sweater, and then a short short paragraph! Short paragraph! This is undoubtedly a great invention in the history of mankind. For different height of the girl, short paragraph are preferred. Not only short leg length, and the short section of the sweater will be virtually weakened between the upper body expansion. The sweater Front into the waistband, color collocation and simple high waist pants or skirts (remember! Waist!) Colorful sweater, nice and interesting childhood, not what striking more than the bright winter. Emilio Pucci Fall 2016 CARVEN and Delpozo 2016 in the breast pocket sweater in autumn and winter exceptionally brisk, is probably a huge attraction he colorful short sweater has caused. With color contrast bold, and color purity are high. Lovely shape, it is not difficult to find that his shape is partial sleek cute, not only reflects the 6相关的主题文章: