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Exposing the whole life of a war: Zhu De was the whole army to wear into the coach core tip: this scene so that the whole life will not forget. A few years later, he recalled the feelings at that time: the battle, I saw the comrade Zhu De, such as climbing the cliff climbing posture, heart welled up infinite admiration for him and trust. After the stone Jingling pass battle, I realized that, comrade Zhu De is not only a kind of large-minded, the elderly, and is a heroic hero, take the lead. After the game, Zhu De completed over from the guest to the manager. This paper from the Zhu De data figure: people.com.cn. Author: Shao Hua, the original title: Encounters: Feng and Chen Yi (one) from casual encounter, often implies a fateful opportunity. In October 1927, Jiangxi and Guangdong at the junction of the mountains, in the Nanchang uprising rout of the stream, the 20 year old guard monitor Su Yu met 6 years older than his regiment instructor Chen Yi, from the beginning of communication over half century. In the chaos of the stream of people, and they met at the same time Zhu De and Lin Biao. Four people have experienced the first trough of life. They are the smoke blackened face, revealing are bitter, but the problems faced are different. Zhu De, the greatest sorrow is guanggansiling, difficult problem is how to grasp this strange, morale and lax forces. The Nanchang uprising, Zhu De served as chief officer and head of the Nanchang education group of Nanchang Public Security Bureau, former deputy commander of ninth army uprising, in the South on the way to two troops and command are makeshift troops. He recalled in the readme, the first troops, from Nanchang to Chaozhou March, "I do set up in the riots in the new Ninth Army Deputy Commander, with a banbing, and teach the group of students and to the east of the scattered and disorderly skirmishers". Second troops, is in the three river dam. "This is divided into two, one is the main road, Ye Ting and He Long took away, occupied the Chaozhou shantou. Another way to my command, as a team, to Tai po…… (later) the main force in the face of failure, we will withdraw…… Accommodating the remnants of Chaoshan down, immediately to Fujian, Jiangxi ". Two soldiers have three things in common, with all the army, as are all contain tasks, under the jurisdiction of the forces are temporary collocation. Zhu De described the former as skirmishers, the latter is scattered and disorderly "" remnants from the". In all the siege in the face of adversity, Zhu De suobu soldiers could not believe military officer, officer, worrying situation. Frank Chen Yi said: "Comrade Zhu De in the Nanchang riots, the position is not important, no one listened to him, but we respect him as an old comrade!" Chen Yi, the greatest sorrow is burdened with the "five skin" sarcasm, the difficulty was to establish the credibility of the officers and men. After the Nanchang uprising, Chen Yi served eleventh nothing but a scholar in the twenty-fifth division seventy-third regiment instructor. Zhou Enlai a little embarrassed: "send your work is too small, you don’t want too small!" "What little is not small! You asked me to be an instructor." Chen Yi was generous, "as long as I do get armed." To the company, he understood that the existing dry problem, and can do the problem. This group is the predecessor of the National Revolutionary Army fourth army.相关的主题文章: