Jiangxi Leping rape murder case review 4 people serving 10 years whether the miscarriage of justice ddrtys

Jiangxi Leping rape murder case review 4 people serving 10 years whether the miscarriage of justice? Sohu news retrial verdict cover news reporter Liang Bo Jiangxi Leping, Nanchang Jiangxi Leping photo coverage in November 30th, 5? 24 rape murder case will usher in a retrial. Prior to this, the case was sentenced by the court of the 4 murderers have been in prison for up to 10 years. 5 years ago, a suspected murderer, let this sensational case, sudden reversal. 5 years later, these have identified the murderer, will usher in what kind of fate? November 27th, a rare winter sunset, the sun filled every corner of the village. After three days, the son of Huang Zhiqiang case, will not open a retrial in the high court of Jiangxi province. I count the days of Huang Quanzheng, revealing a long lost smile. The Huang Zhiqiang case, 16 years ago in Leping "5? 24 rape murder mystery". In May 2002, in the village shop Cheng Li and "confession" accomplice and Huang Zhiqiang, Fang Chunping, Cheng root, Wang Shenbing. Huang, Fang, Cheng, Cheng four has served more than 10 years. Wang Shenbing on the run for 9 years, was arrested in 2013, June 2014 was released on bail. Why is Wang bail? Turn from the village of Fang Lin cubs admission "is killing me". Already settled 5, the case of nearly ten years after the emergence of a case of the fierce two? Coincidence? On the two anniversary of the case just according to the Jingdezhen intermediate people’s court and the Jiangxi court verdict, 5? 24 cases for accurate incidence of the time the evening of May 23, 2000, police received the case for May 24th. "The one who was killed was a supermarket owner." After a lapse of 16 years, the villagers still remember Chen (a pseudonym). Jiang Zecai was dead in the village of emerald supermarket business. In the early morning of May 24th, the body was found in the field. Also found in the field of blood Hao Qiang hairpin, jacket, heels, etc.. In the field, did not find the remains of Hao Qiang, and has not been fully found." An anonymous local old police told the news of the cover (thecover) reporter, after the incident, the Leping Public Security Bureau set up a task force, but still no breakthrough in 2002. 5? 24 case shortly after September 2000, when the Leping city traffic police brigade captain Xiao Wansong took office of public security bureau. Two years later, was transferred to the Public Security Bureau, Dexing municipal committee. Leping police confirmed more than requested anonymity, in 2002 the case has not solved, the Bureau stressed. Because in the province to carry out "crackdown". This action, by China Jiangxi, sponsored by Jiangxi in February 1st that the office of Local History Compilation Committee, more than 3 police carried out raids, opened the 2002 Jiangxi public security organs struggle to strike off. "The crackdown, 5 case task force in 24?." An old police said, the new ad hoc group rapid detection. Solve the case in May 25, 2002, coinciding with the 24 anniversary of the case of 5 – two. Is it a coincidence? In the face of doubt, the case lawyer Zhang Weiyu do not understand. Reporters went to the Leping Public Security Bureau, hoping to contact with the police. According to a number of familiar with the bureau sources, 5? 24 cracked the case soon, Shao Jie from the criminal investigation captain like.相关的主题文章: