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Jiang Xin said the "Ode to joy" 2 fan Shengmei fate: only tired – Sohu   entertainment; Jiang Xin said the "Ode to joy" 2 fan Shengmei fate: only tired from "Hua Fei" to "Fan Shengmei", Jiang Xin [micro-blog] plays the role of a silk tragedy, but in Zhejiang TV the comedy "Nemo", she showed the comedy talent to bring the audience a lot of surprise, she recently by WeChat was interviewed by a reporter for a comedy, she says she is serious. I wanted to play comedy Chinese newspaper: "comedy of the mobilization" in the performance so that we see your comedy talent, the future will be a comedy? Jiang Xin: this time in "comedy story" in fact I feel a little bit late, I should be earlier in this section, there may be earlier breakthrough, will want to play comedy, because I always want to do comedy. China Daily: do you think the comedy more difficult? Jiang Xin: comedy is a more complex expression. It is not a drama like I usually ah, such a simple play positive role, comedy will be more difficult to handle, because of the need to perform very seriously, will let people have bursting point. But sometimes opponents have to laugh with from time to time. China Daily: after watching the show, you feel that you have the potential in comedy, there is no interest in this development? Jiang Xin: of course I’m interested in this. I really hope one day someone will call me Jiang Xin. China Daily: comedy, you are just for fun, try, or really want to go this way? Jiang Xin: in fact, comedy is also an actor should be exposed to a career, it is just a change in the way the show. I would also like to try different challenges. So comedy is the future will continue to try. China Daily: you in the "comedy of the general mobilization" in such a way to open, worried about not being afraid to say that the goddess into a female nerve? Jiang Xin: I’m not worried about being a woman, because I’ve always enjoyed that! Fan Shengmei’s second season only tired of China Daily: Comedy and acting Hua Fei, Fan Shengmei’s story, what fun? Jiang Xin: the role is not the same, are not comparable, as long as it is fun to play the role of writing will be very enjoyable! China Daily: can you tell us about the "Ode to joy" 2 fan Shengmei fate? Jiang Xin: hey…… In the second season, Fan Shengmei was fed up. China Daily: is even more pitiful? Is the feeling going well? Jiang Xin: this can not be disclosed, because the second quarter still want to give the audience a surprise…… In fact, there is nothing too big a surprise, but still want to be able to leave a little suspense. China Daily: Directors feel particularly optimistic about your tragedy, you play this two years are sad that the bones of the role, why? Jiang Xin: I also feel strange, I am such a funny person, why the director likes to let me play this tragic character, and too much! The most hateful is always let me play the role of hate, but not how you hate me, ha ha ha! Only feelings can not be expected相关的主题文章: