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Jiang Shuying questioned: acting as an actor is not angry, it needs work – Beijing, Beijing, September 12th on the evening of 11, the star of reality show "inspirational speech speak my world" broadcast the finals, Jiang Shuying win, in this regard, she said from the extreme self-confidence, social phobia, arriving on stage at the bird’s nest fifty thousand speech, his world completely changed". From the "world" I say "dark horse" Zhou Guanjun, to the championship final, Jiang Shuying felt very surprised. "When I won the championship, it was very unexpected. I think it might be a good relationship with Mr. good.". To take part in the speech to the bird’s nest, is more of an experience, because not everybody has the opportunity to be able to in the nest of such a special place to tell their own stories, talking about their experiences for me this experience is quite special. As I travel to a place, I enjoy my feelings and moods." Jiang Shuying admits that he used to listen to, but I’m not very good at expressing. The first time I received an invitation to the program group is more tangled, because in the language of expression, I am not particularly strong, so a little worried, the pressure will be relatively large. After the first tension, the second speeches were calm." When it comes to the topic of future other half, Jiang Shuying said: "my father is my idea of a good sir, because my father was very filial piety, kindness, even if he is a rough man, mind is very delicate, sometimes watching TV can see myself crying. I think the boys watching TV will be very cute ah, and cute is a very important quality." She said: "I will not deliberately do not find an actor, not think so much, don’t give yourself so much restrictions and fetters limit." In the view of Jiang Shuying, everyone is not the same individual, "not in occupation of a man, you do this occupation but may be another personality, we may have a different feeling. So I will not work to limit their other half." In the entertainment circle, feeling good, good job, always in the spotlight review, will inevitably have a variety of Jiang Shuying said at the beginning of tattle and prate, was not adapted, "then think someone comments you, whether it is good or bad, is a concern for you. Only in the face of those bad comments to adjust their mentality." The evaluation of negative news, Jiang Shuying is more and more calm, such as over a period of time to question my acting, I am not angry, not depressed, not back, but really began to review. I think, as an actor, also need to work harder. I will spend more time and more energy to make myself better."相关的主题文章: