Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to the United States to pave the way for the Andouble meeting with T segotep

Japanese Prime Minister Andouble visited the United States assistant Trump met to pave the way for Beijing – Beijing in November 14, according to Japanese media reports, local time on the morning of 14 August, the Japanese Prime Minister Assistant Kawai g aboard civil aircraft from Tokyo Narita Airport departed for Washington, held talks with relevant person to be elected President Trump and the United states. Data figure: Abe Shinzo reported that the direction of the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, the trip will also collect the next U.S. government’s policy and personnel aspects of the information on the. Andouble held the first meeting of the 17 and the first meeting of Mr. Kawai, said before the departure of the airport to the media, said: "the success of the summit will pave the way to pave the way for the success of the road to the summit of the world economy," said the former Prime Minister of China and the United states." Data figure: Trump is reported that during the stay in the United States, the wells will be in Washington and New York, with the transfer of government members of the group, the United States Congress and the relevant experts to meet. Andouble instructed wells in the talks to convey to the United States desire to quickly establish a personal relationship with Trump trust. River wells will be returned in 19 days. In addition, the Japanese government also sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of foreign affairs review officer Akiba Takeo to the United States, as a preparation for Andouble and Trump talks.相关的主题文章: