Japan and South Korea signed agreement of South Korea’s military military intelligence safety above aquaria

Japan and South Korea signed agreement of South Korea’s military military intelligence: safety above all data figure: Japan and South Korea military exercises in new network on 14 November, according to South Korean media reports, the Japanese newspaper that "Han protection agreement" (GSOMIA) will be signed in Tokyo on 14 may, the fastest month signed, South Korean media have criticized the government around public opinion "a surprise attack". South Korean Defense Ministry said the humanities are still 14, said the government will present the national security in the most important position. On that day, the reporter questioned the government previously called the consideration to the particularity of the relationship between Korea and Japan, the conditions are ripe to sign GSOMIA to quickly change the position, still have said this, the government believes that Japan can exchange information and respond more effectively to the threat, the future will continue to strive for consensus on solutions. South Korean public opinion, in Japan on the issue of history has not yet shown a positive attitude, South Korea should not carry out military cooperation with Japan, is expected to sign the agreement will face no small resistance. It is reported that South Korea was in the Lee Myung-bak administration in 2012 for the signing of GSOMIA with Japan, but because of public criticism of the black box operation and at the last minute fizzled.相关的主题文章: