Jacky Wu look forward to cooperation with the mainland film and television was approved Yu Mu running man 20130908

Jacky Wu hope to cooperate with the China Film Group was   Yu Muming denounced " Taiwan " glass heart – Taiwan Channel – people.com.cn original title: Jacky Wu looking forward to cooperation with the mainland film was awarded Yu Muming denounced " " Taiwan; new party chairman Yu Muming glass. Source: Taiwan’s United Daily News, Taiwan, China October 10th hearing, according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that the famous host Jacky Wu yesterday, Taiwan, a mainland film and television cooperation with criticism. New party chairman Yu Muming said late yesterday (9 days), Wu is the industry representative, natural to explore the mainland market, but the "Taiwan independence" who claim to want to take care of people, hear the voice industry attack, to take care of himself is probably broken glass. Yu Muming believes that Jacky Wu advocated Taiwan program to the mainland broadcast, profit is all Taiwan TV circle. But the entertainment on behalf of sincere hope that the Taiwan authorities can solve the Studio Entertainment dilemma, was the "Taiwan independence" sources of personal attacks, choked back, "and" what to talk ", Yu Muming said that if Jacky Wu is not eligible, who is eligible for the entertainment sound? Yu Muming said that as an ordinary people want peace, not war. But the "Taiwan independence" people claim to want to take care of people, when the industry representatives express their aspirations, is the "Taiwan independence" attacked "Taiwan independence" to take care of people, I’m afraid are broken glass. (Chinese Taiwan network (Lining) Wang Ying (Internship), commissioning editor: Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: