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IPhone 7 burial: mobile phones will introduce augmented reality technology and people believe that the next big iPhone smartphone launched by Apple will be equipped with augmented reality. Obviously, the Apple Corp staff of course this product did not mention, not to disclose any relevant information. But Apple’s new iPhone 7 Plus smartphone, which has a dual camera technology, is once again hinting that the apple is moving in that direction. This phenomenon, coupled with several important M & A transactions implemented by Apple Corp (2015 acquisition of Metaio and the acquisition of PrimeSense in 2013), indicates that this technology will eventually appear in Apple products. Another notable concern is Apple CEO Tim · Tim Cook has always been obsessed with the development opportunities brought by AR. In the recent iPhone 7 conference, Apple Corp executives spend a lot of time talking about the current and future functions of two 12 megapixel cameras in iPhone 7 Plus phones. The first camera lens is equivalent to 28mm, most users think is a wide-angle lens (iPhone 7 have the same camera), and the second is the equivalent of the 56mm camera lens, although Apple’s chief designer Phil · Schiller (Phil Schiller) has been called the telephoto lens, but in fact, it’s more like is a person like a shot. In addition to providing an effective two fold optical zoom function to the cell phone, the dual camera technology can also make a series of software play a role, thus providing a better photographic effect for most of them. This is very interesting (and very useful), but what’s more concerned by these hardware is that apple can use dual cameras to capture objects and space related contents in front of the camera. The two cameras can allow such a mobile device to snap and generate deep image information. At the beginning of this year, someone mentioned Lenovo’s Phab Pro 2 mobile phone, which supports augmented reality technology, the world’s first augmented reality phone that supports Tango technology. Tango is Google’s hand-held augmented reality platform. Lenovo’s mobile phone actually uses three cameras and a series of other sensors to capture actions, depth images and information in the area around the cell phone. The final photo can show such a result, including the location of the device, and this result can make users do many interesting things in augmented reality. In order to describe this situation more simply, we should ask users to consider the operation of Pokemon Go game on the current smart phone, and we may find that its intelligence and function are much stronger. Apple has implemented two important M & A deals. Apple has acquired Metaio and PrimeSense in recent years. The two mergers and acquisitions make people think that apple is moving towards the future of handheld augmented reality. Apple bought Metaio in 2015. Metaio, a German company, was founded in 2003 and mainly sells things that can integrate camera images and computer related objects. Before this business acquisition, a large number of companies have begun to use this technology to create many applications, and apply these applications to different vertical markets, including retail, industrial and automotive industries. After completing the acquisition of the company, apple no longer put these products into the market. Many people believe that apple is trying to build customized silicon related to this software so that it can be applied to future products. PrimeSense, a 3D sensor company in Israel, was bought by Apple at $345 million in 2013. PrimeSense has a set of mobile 3D sensors (program name "Capri"), which can integrate with the company’s software technology to scan and capture 3D targets. The company is also a founding member of the open source framework, "OpenNI". The OpenNI framework aims to capture body movements and gestures. During Apple’s acquisition of PrimeSense, some news in the market pointed out that the cost of Capri sensor manufacturing is very expensive, which has not attracted the attention of other device manufacturers. But this is precisely a technology that Apple Corp is very fond of. Apple wants to integrate this technology into the company’s own hardware products, which makes Apple’s hardware products more different than other similar products on the market. Tim · Cook’s position on augmented reality Tim · Cook also has his own evaluation and position on augmented reality. 在苹果最近一次季度财报电话会议上,库克指出,尽管他认为虚拟和增强现实都非常值得人们关注,但是他还是认为增强现实有着更大的机遇,特别是与商用有关的增强现实(这一点笔者也非常赞同)。 In addition, Cook’s recent interview with Good Morning America showcases his enthusiasm for augmented reality again. Cook pointed out that by using augmented reality technology, two users can share a common experience, which is difficult to achieve in highly isolated virtual reality world. Now, it is likely that Cook’s recent comments on augmented reality and virtual reality will give attention to the signs of Apple’s action. In fact, people believe that apple is likely to increase while the development of these two kinds of technology, reality and virtual reality finally, we may also see some glasses equipment, not only to use the technology, upgrade new chip W1 chip and will use the company used in the current AirPods in the. Of course, people can think that when Apple releases the next important hardware update and releases new hardware products, people will see a new iPhone (or iPad Pro) that has the function of augmented reality. (compiling gold)

iPhone 7埋伏笔:手机将引入增强现实技术人们认为,苹果推出的下一部大iPhone智能手机将配置增强现实技术。很显然,苹果公司的员工当然对此产品绝口不提,不透露任何相关消息。但是,苹果最新推出的配置了双摄像头技术的iPhone 7 Plus智能手机,却再一次暗示了苹果正朝着那个方向前进。这种现象,再加上苹果公司实施的几次重要并购交易(2015年收购Metaio和2013年收购PrimeSense),都表明了这种技术最终将出现在苹果的产品之中。另外值得关注的一点就是,苹果首席执行官蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)一直对增强现实(AR)带来的发展机遇念念不忘。双摄像头技术在近期的iPhone 7发布会上,苹果公司的高管们花费了大量的时间来谈论iPhone 7 Plus手机当中两个12兆像素摄像头的当前与未来功能。第一个摄像头相当于28mm的镜头,多数用户认为是广角镜头(iPhone 7也拥有同样的摄像头),而第二个摄像头则相当于56mm的镜头,尽管苹果的首席设计师菲尔·席勒(Phil Schiller)一直将其称为长焦镜头,但事实上,这更像是一个人像镜头。除了给手机提供有效的两倍光学变焦功能之外,这种双摄像头技术还能够让一系列软件发挥功效,从而极大地为多数提供更好的照相效果。这一点非常有意思(而且非常有用),但是,这些硬件更引发人们关注的是,苹果能够使用双摄像头来抓拍摄像头前面的物体和空间相关的内容。两个摄像头就可以让这样的手机设备抓拍并产生深度图像信息。今年初,曾有人提及了联想的支持增强现实技术的Phab Pro 2手机,这是全球首款支持Tango技术的增强现实手机。Tango是谷歌的手持增强现实平台。联想的这款手机实则上使用了三款摄像头和一系列其它传感器来抓拍手机环境周围的动作、深度图像和区域内的信息等。最终的照片就能够显示出这样的结果,包括设备所处的空间位置在内,这样的结果可以让用户在增强现实中做许多非常有趣的事。为了更加简单的描述这样的情况,就请用户考虑一下《Pokemon Go》游戏在当前智能手机上的运作情况,从中可能发现其智能化和功能都强大了很多。苹果实施的两起重要并购交易苹果最近几年收购了Metaio和PrimeSense,这两起并购交易让人们认为,苹果正在朝着手持增强现实的未来迈进。苹果于2015年收购了Metaio。Metaio是一家德国公司,创建于2003年,主要销售那些能够将摄像头图像和电脑相关的物体整合在一起。在此次业务收购之前,大量的公司已经开始使用这种技术来打造诸多应用,并将这些应用使用在包括零售业、工业和汽车业等不同的垂直市场之中。在完成收购这家公司之后,苹果就不再将这些产品投放到市场上。许多人认为,苹果正在努力打造与这种软件相关的定制硅,以便应用到未来的产品之中。PrimeSense是以色列的一家3D传感器公司,于2013年被苹果以3.45亿美元的价格收购旗下。PrimeSense公司拥有一套移动3D传感器(程序名称为“Capri”),这套传感器能够与该公司的软件技术整合,以此扫描和抓拍3D目标。这家公司还是开放源框架“OpenNI”的创始成员。OpenNI框架旨在抓拍身体动作和手势轨迹。在苹果收购PrimeSense之际,坊间的一些消息指出,Capri的传感器制作成本非常昂贵,并由此未能引起其它设备制造商的关注。但是,这恰恰是苹果公司非常青睐的一种技术,而苹果更希望将此技术整合到公司自身的硬件产品之中,从而让苹果的硬件产品比市场上其它类似产品又多了一些差异性。蒂姆·库克有关增强现实的立场蒂姆·库克对增强现实也有着自己的评价和立场。在苹果最近一次季度财报电话会议上,库克指出,尽管他认为虚拟和增强现实都非常值得人们关注,但是他还是认为增强现实有着更大的机遇,特别是与商用有关的增强现实(这一点笔者也非常赞同)。另外,库克近期在接受《早安美国》(Good Morning America)的采访时再度展示了他对增强现实业务的热情。库克指出,通过使用增强现实技术,两位用户就可以共享共同的体验,而这在高度隔离的虚拟现实世界是很难做到的。如今,很可能的情况是,库克近期有关增强现实和虚拟现实的言论会让人们关注苹果的行动迹象。事实上,人们认为,苹果很可能会同时研发增强现实和虚拟现实这两种技术,最终,我们还可能会看到一些眼镜设备,不仅要使用前述技术,而且还将使用该公司在当前AirPods中使用的新W1芯片的升级版芯片。当然,人们可以认为——当苹果推出下一款重要硬件更新和发布新硬件产品时,人们就将看到一款拥有增强现实功能的新iPhone (也可能是iPad Pro)了。(编译 金全)相关的主题文章: