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Intelligent control of electric 2016 Guangzhou international electric vehicle industry summit was successfully held in the future – Sohu car page first: Wang Xia: opportunities and challenges coexist, but the overall opportunity is greater than the challenge. [Abstract] in November 17, 2016, by the Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee sponsored by the automotive industry branch 2016 (second) Guangzhou international electric vehicle industry summit held in Guangzhou, the summit of the intelligent electric control of the future "as the theme, will discuss the China electric market pattern and trend of automobile, battery technology roadmap, motor localization the electronic trend, focus charging facilities and business models and other industries concerned. Sohu car the first time in the field to bring professional reports, showing you the latest trends in the development of electric vehicle industry.   first, China International Trade Promotion Committee Chairman automotive branch Mr. Wang Xia delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, Wang Xia said in his speech, in the electric automobile and intelligent trends, opportunities and challenges, but the opportunities outweigh the challenges overall. The following is the speech record.   President of China Council for the promotion of international trade,  , President of the automotive industry branch; distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning! The car circle of people, once a year at the Guangzhou motor show heralds a busy year is coming to an end, at this time, the North has entered the winter rhythm, while Guangzhou is still warm as spring. Today, we are gathered here, around the electric car industry to discuss the sunrise. On behalf of the organizers, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the guests present at the summit! In recent years, the intelligent network and electric automobile in the people of heat is considered to represent the general trend, which is associated with the automobile manufacturing industry, is the most direct application front-end electric and intelligent, has become the main battlefield of innovation practice of automobile enterprises. At the same time, the Internet repairer, capital operation and enterprise mergers and acquisitions boom further to electric cars to become the focus of public opinion in the teeth of the storm. How in the tide of time calmly, to determine the correct and effective response to raging like a storm, we must solve the theme of the summit today. I think, in the electric vehicle and intelligent trend, opportunities and challenges coexist, but the overall opportunities outweigh the challenges. The so-called opportunity, mainly reflected in three aspects: first, to meet the internal needs of the automotive industry transformation and upgrading. In early September the end of the G20 summit, President Xi Jinping said: 8 years later, the world economy has come to a critical juncture; scientific and technological progress, population growth and economic globalization. Over the past few decades to promote the main engine of the world economy has entered a phase shift, pulling effect on the world economy is weakened; science and technology progress on a round of the growth momentum gradually decay, a new round of technological and industrial revolution has not yet formed momentum. Reflected in the automotive industry, it is the demand for cars is significantly reduced, the traditional technology of space is becoming smaller and smaller. In this context, provides a new engine of intelligent electric network, and is of the global auto industry, provides a new path for the progress of automobile technology, automobile industry)相关的主题文章: