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Set by the surging trust channel business blowout Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The reporter Kim 2000, editor Yu Yong as given by the influx of raging hit, information management profession is a stock offering products given by heatwave. Among the participants, in addition to the inherent advantages of brokerage and fund institutions, there are many companies trust figure. Since July this year, the trust issued by the product category is showing a blowout trend. One of the reasons carefully, insiders told reporters, just prior to the introduction of relevant regulatory policy, makes some of the original by a subsidiary of the fund and brokerage information management to undertake the project set by channel trust caused by reflux. Although the stock market continues to increase the volatility of the stock market volatility, but the enthusiasm of listed companies will increase. Since 2014, the market began to increase since the blowout, given the scale of financing has been high. Wind statistics show that since 2016, the company plans to disclose the program has reached 745, is expected to raise funds of up to $2 trillion and 258 billion 408 million, raising the size of an increase of 37.09%. Under such circumstances, institutions to participate in a given increase in enthusiasm is also higher than a wave. Among them, in addition to public funds, private equity, as well as the brokerage information management and other institutions, the trust is not willing to miss this feast. Of particular concern is that since July this year, the trust issued by the class set by a sudden increase in the growth of trust products. Statistics from the trust, issued the first half of this year set set by the trust products, a total of 11 products of the same type, but only in July and August issue has reached as many as 17. The participation in the issuance of such products by adding trust products, but also includes CITIC Trust, Ping An Trust and other large companies in the industry. "Given the market is now very fire, institutions are scrambling to enter." East China, a trust company securities business department official told reporters. He told reporters that the current due to fierce competition, some of the quality of the subject by increasing the discount rate is narrowing. The original bear market in the discount rate can often reach twenty percent off, now often see the offer of 5% off, some institutions in order to get the project, even at a premium quote." Opportunities and risks after the return of the channel coexistence, the trust given by the class of projects in July this year, indeed ushered in blowout." A trust company executives said, after the intensive introduction of regulatory policies, so that the pattern of channel business is undergoing new changes. The original bank through the fund subsidiary and other channels to do business by increasing class, are now beginning to return to trust." The source said. Prior to this, the securities and futures institutions private asset management business management Interim Provisions on the relevant information management business has a significant reduction of the provisions of the. This also means that the majority of the market before the poor or the third party after the introduction of the difference between the bank to make up the priority of the fund’s products, need to find a way out. Because the fund subsidiaries and brokerage information management channels can no longer provide leverage financing channels, the current bank investment theory相关的主题文章: