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How to get rid of the black eye and the shameless guy lead: recently there are many MM messages, ask how to do the black eye, eye wrinkles? Every time I see these messages, small series can imagine, you sincerely hope to get the help of small eyes ~ however, for this problem, now, I just want to say three words with you! That is: look at! This! Article! (source: female beauty network) online how to cause a genetic predisposition to genetic predisposition to form this shameless guy to get rid of black eye black eye sister paper compared particularly distressed, but really no way ah, some sister paper of the black rim of the eye is born (to impulse cry). Cosmetics pigment penetration often use cosmetics, can cause deep pigment particles penetrate into the eyelids. Over time will form a black eye. Occasionally ignored remover, it will lead to a lot of problems. Fatigue love stay up BofA should pay attention to, when excessive fatigue and lack of rest, due to autonomic dysfunction, caused by poor blood flow circulation orbicularis oculi muscle and eyelid skin venous blood flow blockage. Because the vein blood color is dark, therefore presents in the eyelid is the dark gray eye socket. Varix orbital or eyelid venous aneurysm or varicose veins and long-term eyelid edema, can also cause venous blockage. Traumatic orbital or eyelid contusion, will cause subcutaneous bleeding, and form the appearance of dark circles. With the continuous improvement of eye cream with continuous choice has to improve the black eye effect eye cream, that is to use its ingredients to help the skin recover effectively, and is using this opportunity to increase the frequency of eye massage hands. This two pronged approach, even if not completely removed, at least will continue to deepen the black eye. Massage in the use of eye cream on the premise of massage has become a key factor in determining the degree of improvement. Here is a simple point of the method – the eye cream painted in the lower eyelid, and then use both hands fingertips gently around the black eye point, relax the region muscles, enhance blood circulation. If you think this is not enough, you can remember to take the hands circle, near to the temple, and then expanded to the chin massage to lymph Department of detoxification, helps to remove the eye deposited toxin. Note that massage can not be too large, otherwise it may be because the friction force, but let the black eye worse. Of course, pay attention to rest, another very important point is to pay attention to rest, sleep is always good for skin care. Life is not the law is the main reason for the formation of black eye, we must develop a good habit of work and rest, to maintain adequate sleep more than a variety of nursing methods. Completely remove makeup mascara eye cosmetics residue often will lead to the black eye on the skin, especially mascara, the particles can penetrate into the skin through the epidermis, resulting in the formation of pigmentation, dark circles, eye and lip quickly clean stubborn makeup, no residual stains, and penetrate into the pores of the bottom, will the remaining oil soluble dirt removal together. How to get rid of the black eye shameless guy.相关的主题文章: