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| frost today how to eat a body warm? This question stew ah! Sohu and the temperature dropped a lot of delicious food, but people eat the most comfortable taste that is most of the stew. A cold night, what could be better than a pot of warm, the table also kept a fine bubble boiling stew of more people look forward to. This is the 01 small | stew was 02 | give you three reasons to love 03 | stew stew recipes, so hot stew is lingering tongue at the time because the weather is dry, we should drink plenty of water, should also be on the table for you and your family a day supplement loss of water. In the stew dishes, has become the star table. Because cooking stew’s sake, other than such as dry pot, stir fried dishes and more energetic water. Three reasons to love 1 lively stew is definitely not a bowl of stew a bowl, to end up a pot of lively enough. 2 warm Zhu Ziqing had fondly too small when the whole family together in the winter to eat tofu stew the scene, the scene let him remember all my life. For we also like the cold night, so enjoyable can let a person think of home warm. 3 nutrition in winter is a good time, because of the cold food, so we need to have enough nutrition and calories, then choose warm foods that help protect the body’s Yang, and the stew is the best choice. Let the heat warm stew recipe lingering tongue -? – harvest stew ingredients: corn materials 1, 250 grams of beans, pork 200 grams, half a sweet potato accessories: 1 tablespoon oil, Kellogg soup Bao (? 1, special stew), soy sauce and a half tablespoons of salt, five spice powder amount, onion 1, 2 slices of ginger, star anise 1, geraniol 2, cinnamon 1 blocks 1 ways to prepare materials 2 pork ribs over the water boiled 3 beans over the water boiled, cooked corn cut, sweet potatoes peeled cut hob fast 4 wok with some oil, saute onion ginger, five spice powder 5 into the ribs added the amount of soy sauce, stir fry 6 add some water, add a star, geraniol 2, cinnamon 1, fire boil, simmer for 7 minutes? 15-20 in sweet potato, corn and beans 8 The soup treasure? Simmer 10 minutes 9 juice 10 pan, sprinkle with pepper circle decorate cooking 1 Kellogg soup stew stew special treasure?, a strong smell of meat taste, even vegetable stew was delicious overflowing 2 best use of cooked corn in addition to corn and beans angle 3 other ingredients, with their love taste 4 ribs stewed longer until soft rotten – – material ingredients: homemade stew pork 300 grams, 1 potatoes, 1 carrot, black fungus 10 grams, letinous edodes 2 flower accessories: vegetable oil, salt, the amount of 1 teaspoon sugar 1 tea spoon, soy sauce amount of pepper.相关的主题文章: