Housing intermediary excuses bed long buckle female college students 900 yuan deposit dingxiangwuyuetian

Housing intermediary under the pretext of "bed hair" buckle female students 900 yuan deposit – Beijing Beijing summer internships for students and small leaks, she with the real estate intermediary companies signed two months contract short rent and deposit 1500 yuan, housing tenant intermediary repeatedly refused to shirk due approval, after repeated requests to the garden acceptance of the housing, but because of "bed hair", "wardrobe peeling" and "little black wall" and other reasons rather baffling to buckle her 900 yuan deposit, the garden very dissatisfied. Beijing morning news reporter contacted the joint real estate staff, the other said 900 yuan buckle for the two sides to discuss the results. The lawyer said that the intermediary costs deduction is not reasonable, the tenant may complain to the business sector. Buckle 900 yuan deposit reason wonderful garden this summer, she told reporters, from Jiangxi to Beijing practice, June 25th to Dalian slope near the subway station to see the real estate with the deposit, 30 month and a man named Zhang Na employees signed a formal contract. "To live is a house near the bedroom, monthly rent of 1500 yuan per month, deposit 1500 yuan, plus 750 yuan intermediary fees, and health costs, gas costs such as total to a" Zhou Dandan "account hit 5425 yuan, and then I moved in." Small said that her house has expired on August 25th, she packed the bag ready to return to Jiangxi. But the morning to shun Lian real estate intermediary staff told her that she must make and sign the contract with Zhang Nalai said to his acceptance of the housing, a small Zhang Na and make lots of telephone calls are not connected, no reply sms. "But I’ve already bought tickets for the night, especially in a hurry." In the afternoon she said no contact with Zhang Na, but he once again came to the intermediary companies find the person in charge, then finally after repeated consultations with two staff agreed to follow her to the room. "But they said the housing can only withdraw 600 yuan, I asked why to deduct 900 yuan, they found a pile of" bed hair "or" wardrobe peeling "and" little black wall "these strange reasons. My own argument and they said, the other said "you can have a good back 600." Because in a hurry to go to the train station, Xiao Yuan said that although the feeling each other very shameless, but she had to accept a deposit of 600 yuan. "Otherwise, I’m afraid 600 pieces are gone." The intermediary did not record the repeated complaints of yesterday afternoon, the Beijing morning news reporters call the agency staff Zhang Na, the other said "the processing result is that through our mutual consultation, she agreed, no problem." Then refused to answer any questions, hastily hung up the phone. Since then, the reporter repeatedly call the person in charge, no answer. Reporter online search for "Sunlink estate", found a small park experience is not accidental, there had been a tenant posting Tucao "Sunlink estate" withheld deposit, "in the beginning that the room is not clean, clean and wardrobe door is broken, when the switch gate will ring, find various reasons to deduct money." Beijing morning news reporter found that the full name of the CIS real estate Beijing Shun century real estate brokerage Co., Ltd., the legal representative for Zhou Dandan, the company was born in 2011相关的主题文章: