Hong Xiuzhu and mainland Taiwan, Taiwan students to listen to the voices of the forum to help solve xhero

Hong Xiuzhu and Taiwan businessmen in mainland China, Taiwan students forum listen to help resolve the problems – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, November 2 (reporter Chen Xiaoyuan) China KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu 2, Taiwan, and Taiwan students at the Beijing Hotel, the forum. Hong Xiuzhu said in his speech, the process of transformation and upgrading of the mainland economy, more attention to environmental protection, labor rights protection, so as to increase the cost of business operations, Taiwan is also facing fierce competition in the mainland; to understand Taiwanese difficulties, try to help solve. For Taiwan students, Hong Xiuzhu said, we have ideals to the mainland to study, look forward to development opportunities in succession this vast, the same language, like culture, blood on the land can have a better understanding of Taiwan students; she wants to live in mainland China, there is no study in maladjustment and the problems need to be solved. Hong Xiuzhu’s arrival was welcomed by Taiwanese and Taiwanese students. Wang Pingsheng, President of the National Association of investment enterprises in Taiwan, said that although the two sides separated by a strait, but the heart is linked together; I hope Taiwan, Taiwan students reflect their difficulties. President of the association of Taiwan funded enterprises in Beijing Zhang Qizheng said in an interview, Hong Xiuzhu hope this trip will let everyone know more to the island, there are many people to support the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, cross-strait cooperation in the Kuomintang Hebei plays a better bridge. A total of nearly 40 Taiwanese, Taiwan students attended the forum. Xu Jinming, executive vice chairman of the Committee on youth affairs of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait Association of public affairs, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters, the future of the two sides in the youth, youth exchanges can start from the mainland taiwan. As long as cross-strait exchanges do not interrupt, the Chinese national sentiment will not be interrupted. (end)相关的主题文章: