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Hong Mingfu: the last game to win the relegation to give God – Sports Sohu Xinhua Hangzhou October 29th sports news (reporter Xia Liang) after the draw away Hebei Huaxia happiness, Hangzhou Greentown is Changchun Yatai counter ultra 1 points in the standings, ranked second. Only in the last round of the Super League, even if the home court in Greentown ending the war against Yanbian Fude, also cannot determine the relegation relegation zone, the other three teams race results will be about the ultimate fate of greentown. In the afternoon of the 29 day of the press conference, Greentown coach Hong Mingfu said the team will try to win, and then submit the results to the God to decide relegation. "Tomorrow is the last game, but also to determine the future of Greentown game. Our team has made a lot of effort in the past year, and now we have come to the present. There’s only one last game left and we have to go all out to finish the game. After we won the game, the result was decided by god." Only win, not lose, even, for Hong Mingfu, against the Yanbian flight competition is enormous. "The pressure is certainly there, but for me personally, the pressure can be borne, whether as a player or as a coach, the pressure of the game has experienced a lot of." Hong Mingfu said, Greentown young players, lack of experience, how to convert the pressure into power, is the key to winning the game. Play against Hebei Greentown China happiness, the audience almost did not form any offensive, many mistakes appear winger, facing relegation pressure, the players have to carry a burden can not afford to lose. "After 93" player Cao Haiqing last year also experienced Greentown in the final round of relegation moments, but compared to last year, he admitted that this year or greater pressure. Last year, there are big brother in front of it, the pressure is not so great this year, this year than last year, the pressure to be bigger." "Tomorrow is a game we have to win, we must have a strong fighting spirit, the technical and tactical aspects is not a day for two days can be changed, but the spiritual things will soon adjust. Tomorrow’s game, how to remove the burden of the players, this is the key, Hong Mingfu said. (end)相关的主题文章: