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"Hey," Li Xiaoran Jia Yuanyuan said children firepower as their own entertainment – Sohu Li Xiaoran as radio anchor Jia Yuanyuan Sohu entertainment Li Xiaoran firepower, that is what appearance, the audience of Zhejiang TV is the hit "Hey kid", it is not difficult to find the answer to this question. In the play, Li Xiaoran played radio female anchor Jia Yuanyuan straightforward character, marriage, and children in the workplace in the collision, showing the female’s unique role to play, watch the audience for the frequency of exposure, the role of repeatedly praise, said Jia Yuan Yuan this figure is true. Li Xiaoran firepower, in the parents, leadership, insist on doing their own opponent before the "Hey," children of Li Xiaoran Han Qing is still in "Hey, three main female characters in the children", played by Li Xiaoran Jia Yuanyuan and Fang Yun, female occupation direction character distinct, compared to the loss of independence of the party and the direction of rhyme Dink, Li Xiaoran the role of occupation is more close to the modern urban women’s life, she faced the competition, work pressure and mortgage elderly family birth and other issues, are living in a lot of people will face problems. The personality is stronger, the cause of the great value of Jia Yuanyuan, has become a representative of some people, Jia Yuanyuan said in the play: I will not give up my career for anyone, anything." It is out of the hearts of countless people. It can be said that Jia Yuanyuan is a dare, independent view, insist on doing contemporary women on behalf of their own. It is also because of Jia Yuanyuan’s character set, added a lot of unique aspect to the play, also let Jia Yuanyuan this man a little more unique charm. For example, in matters of marriage, Jia Yuanyuan’s parents strongly disapproved of her "not reliable" fitness coach party music to get married, but Jia Yuanyuan insisted that his heart, his parents, against all opposition, and music as husband and wife. Although the marriage of a bumpy road, but she has always insisted on the beginning of the heart, never change, never have lost their other half. In business, in the face of pseudopregnancy caused by the workplace because Jia Yuanyuan is passive, initiative, forcing Beijing to hide her editor is afraid to go to work. While her career as a child does not guarantee more forced to direct boss "mercy", so the role of so many rash and too much in haste, women in the workplace is very fun. While in the workplace rivals, Jia Yuanyuan is never a sign of weakness, scenes of workplace collision scenes, Li Xiaoran was quite fully and delightfully. The audience like Jia Yuanyuan true, Li Xiaoran said that his character and like Li Xiaoran in "Hey," children in great tension and appeal of the show moved many viewers, the show has been the audience with many film critics, many viewers are deeply in love with Li Xiaoran in the role of the play, sing praises the character of Jia Yuanyuan is true. Some netizens said: "see" Hey, kids love ", on Li Xiaoran Jia Yuanyuan’s true temperament. Now life is so heavy every day, every day in order to endure a lot of things to endure, in fact, should be like Jia Yuanyuan to do their own real, said he wanted to say, do what you want to do." The Nicole also said: "micro-blog for children (the house) ningsibuqu, tanzania"相关的主题文章: